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King of App offers a complete range of templates to make your App something unique and original. All designs are made to guarantee the best user experience.

Choose the one that best fits your project. It's as simple as one click to create and develop a versatile and secure App.

At King of App, you will find free templates that will let you conveniently configure an App. Sometimes, there not enough configurations, so users like you have created other themes, that can be selected in our store.

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You all are free to create, design and publish your own templates. To do this you will need a developer certificate that guarantees essential knowledge of the technical requirements for the optimal adaptation to the modules. Anything to achieve the best results possible.

And for those who still want more, there is the Queen Plan: templates with pre-installed modules to get an ideal App within a few minutes.

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+150 Components

Bring all your website content and start to create 100% customizable app in few steps with Sketch, Photoshop, Figma, XD…



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