In King of App we are looking for Full Stack JavaScript programmers to work within our technical department.

We offer a good working environment and an opportunity to learn and offer your knowledge to others, as well as to participate in interesting projects within the company. We are a young company and familiar with technology, so we would like you to share the same philosophy and the challenge we have ahead of us in leading the process of R&D and development of the restructuring of the company’s core.

For the position of Full Stack Developer what are we looking for?:

Developers specialized in back and front, with a minimum of 3 years of experience in JavaScript, who want to work on building a great product.

Your main functions will be to develop new features of the front and/or back of King of App, fix bugs, create weekly sprints with management, maintain the core of the project, supervise and manage the maintenance of the API of the platform, the command tool, perform the review of the automated compilation system, monitor the Marketplace uploads and manage the remote servers.

We need a developer with high Front-end knowledge in:

GIT or other version control systems
Current Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue,)
CSS and Sass
Knowledge of Polymer, unit tests, integration and agile methodologies will also be assessed.

With regard to the back-end part you should have knowledge of:

GIT or other version control systems,
What do we offer?

King of App offers you a stable contract in a company that consists of a young and multidisciplinary team. The remuneration is between 35,000 and 45,000 euros gross per year (depending on experience).

How to register?

If you are attracted by the idea of being part of our team, send us your CV to detailing the position you wish to apply for and we look forward to meeting you.


April 24th, 2018

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We are looking for a Junior JavaScript Front-end Developer to work within our development department. We offer a good working environment and an opportunity to learn and offer others your knowledge, as well as participating in interesting projects within the company.

King of App was born in January 2014 to unlock the way applications are built, focusing on improving the relationship between companies and customers through an innovative platform. We design and develop an Open-Source tool for the professional community that allows you to build apps for everyone in a fast, affordable and agile way.

We work on an open source platform to have the ability to respond to each demand immediately. King of App is the arbiter of a community that ensures code quality while providing it with resources for unlimited creation. This allows us to connect any data source and customize applications with open access code.

Our philosophy is simple: software easy to learn. With this goal in mind, we decided to use widely known web technologies to ensure open access to a wide variety of people, while maintaining the high standard in mobile application creation.

The main functions will be:
Support in the development of new KingofApp front end functionalities.
Fix bugs.
Creation of functional modules for mobile applications using King of App’s Open Source technology.
Create templates for mobile application using King of App’s Open Source technology.


Knowledge of programming in JS.
Demonstrable knowledge with AngularJS.
Knowledge of GIT or other version control systems.
Knowledge of CSS and Sass.

It will be valued:

Knowledge of current frameworks (Angular, React, Vue)
Knowledge of ES6.
Knowledge of Polymer.
Knowledge of unitary tests and integration.
Knowledge at Jenkins user level.
Knowledge of agile methodologies.
Follow-up of good practices. Clean and legible code.
Commitment to meeting deadlines.
Knowledge of Amazon S3.
Knowledge of AWS.
Knowledge of NodeJS.
Knowledge of MongoDB.


Stable contract
Flexible entry times
Salary: 12 k- 22 K according to experience
Good working environment
Learning and professional projection

November 16th, 2017

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