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Open your King of App user

First thing is first: Join the King of App community here. Once completed you will have access to a world of possibilities for you and your new Apps.

Welcome to King of App!


Create your first App

There is a dashboard on the homepage which allows you to manage all of your applications. Here, you can edit and organize folders you created. To start, click on the “Create New App” button in the upper right corner. A new screen showcasing multiple apps selections will be displayed (this will be your starting point). You can preview them to see which one best represents your ideal app. If you prefer to start from scratch, “Android Starter Kit” is your choice.


Fill in the data for your App

Fill in the necessary data so your App can be properly compiled. You can choose your language settings, write descriptions, and add tags.


Choose the topic

There are over 30 themes you can select from. Preview the themes by clicking the image. Filter by ratings, category, or author. When you are ready, click on the “use” button. If you change your mind, you can change the theme later on in the process, so go ahead and experiment with the options.


Customize your App

Now you’re ready to give the personal touch that every App needs. Change the background images, logos, fonts and colors to make your design totally synchronized. In addition, you can choose a loader to go along with your loading screen. Experiment with your creativity here!


Select your modules

This is the heart of King of App. Add all modules necessary for your app with our Drag & Drop function. Configure and manage the modules in an order that works for your app.


King of App services

Do you want your users to receive push notifications? Or do you want your App to have a system login? To access this, go to the service section of King of App and select the services you need.


Select mode compilation and publication

Here, at King of App, we offer several options for both compiling and publication of the app: you can do both, or let us handle everything and wait to see the App appear in the market. Once everything is finalized, go to the cart and pay for any fees before returning to the dashboard to publish your app.

Congratulations, you’re done! You have built your kingdom and have joined our community. Welcome!


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