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Webinar with Agencia ASO: how to position your application in app stores

More and more people have an Internet connection on their smartphones, which generates a considerable increase in the number of users who use their mobile phones or tablets every day. Specifically, the time spent on applications is 84.9%, making them one of the most popular pastimes in the digital world.
For this reason, the majority of companies oriented to the online business seek to adapt to the mobile world, generating a considerable increase in competition. Just as there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to place your website in the top positions of search engines and fight the competition, with the huge mobile boom, people begun to hear the term ASO (App Store Optimization), which is the art of optimizing mobile apps to appear as search results in app stores. Since is a relatively recent term, knowledge and information about it, is minimal. For this reason, on July 12, we decided to hold a Webinar, joining all those interested in making their application a success in app stores. To explain the main topics of this Webinar, we had the presence of Óscar Domínguez Benito, one of the leading professionals in the sector and CEO of Agencia ASO and Juan José Gomez CMO of King of App.

Topics covered in the Webinar

Case study App Spanish National Team

How was the case of the App of the Spanish National Team ranked?

In the Webinar we present a practical case of an application related to the Spanish National Team of the 2018 World Cup, created by King of App and positioned in the app stores by Agencia ASO. Being such a competitive application, it was difficult to position it. However, the results were quite positive, being in the Top 10 in Google Play. For that, Agencia ASO carried out the following actions: Webinar, Agencia, ASO, Positioning, App, Application

1. ASO on-app

The first term discussed in the Webinar was the ASO on-app, and some of the actions that were carried out to position the 2018 World Cup app.
  • Study of the competition: within Google Play, looking for apps of the same niche.
  • Once the competition was studied, we analyzed how the descriptives work, what type of content they have and how to use the keywords.
  • Keyword Research: Oscar explained the tool used to study keywords, called App Keywords, a 100% free tool that searches for the keywords of the best positioned apps with the highest search volumes.

2. ASO off App

After having emphasized in the fundamental aspects of ASO on App, it was explained how the selection app was positioned through the ASO off App.
  • Black Hat techniques: Currently there is a very good advantage in the optimization of Apps, since Black Hat techniques can be used more freely, because the construction of links to the application within Google Play, don’t penalize. In the case of the World Cup App specifically, Agencia ASO made 1 million Google Play links, through a software, reaching a increase in the number of external inputs to the app itself.
  • Social media actions: Agencia ASO, published twice a day in Facebook groups, Twitter, etc.
  • ASO off App with PBN network: What is a PBN network and what is it for? Oscar Dominguez Benito, comments during the Webinar another important aspect in the positioning of applications, the PBN network and the tool used by ASO Agency.
In general terms, these were the topics discussed in the Webinar that was held on July 12 with Agencia ASO. If you were unable to attend or would like to see it again, here below you can whatch the full video.



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