We have grown from a team of 9 to more than 30!

We have grown from a team of 9 to more than 30!

King of App was inspired by the unexpected discovery of a niche in the market. In fact, 3 years ago we were an advertising agency and we had to deal with a big problem: every time that we had to make an estimated quotation for an app development, all of our customers rejected the projects because they were too expensive.

In previous editions, a local Barcelona-born startup, King of App has exhibited with us and so we wanted to find out from them if being an exhibitor at 4YFN has made a real difference to their business over the years. Here is what they had to say:

Tell us a bit about your startup:

A further investigation lead to the discovery that there was not an Open Source tool developed for mobile applications in the market that would give the opportunity to any web professional to access the code, add various modules and plugins and modify it according to their preferences. The market needed a Content Management System platform that would allow everybody to create a customised application without the need for technical knowledge and that’s how José Vicente Sogorb and I created King of App.

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