A talkative canary

It is not the first secret chat , or one that wants to preserve the privacy of those who participate in it, but it is the first totally corporate. Canary wants to be the great room for debate and discussion that every large company wants, but it can also be the largest forum for rumors and unfounded slander. Developed for iOs devices, Canary joins the anonymous chat craze that started with Secret . The difference, since all conversations are public in the popular App, is that to set up an account it is absolutely essential to have a corporate email account . In other words, you either belong to the company or you cannot participate. This particularity has, as always, a double reading. On the one hand, the readers of the conversations always know that the person who spreads the messages is a company employee, which on the other hand, does not exclude interested comments and false information . To avoid the obvious problems that this can lead to, Canary developers undertake to reveal the identity of the user who has violated the dignity of the company by spreading erroneous or offensive messages. So slanderers are always going to be exposed . Oh, by the way, don’t confuse this Canary with the security systems company , or with the App that warns us about Distractions and dangerous behaviors behind the wheel , nor at the cannabis delivery service . 😉



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