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Increase Downloads for Your App now with these 8 tips

According to recent studies, there are more than 1.4 million applications in the Apple Store. For Google Play, the number is as high as 1.5 million. So how do you compete with all of them and increase your downloads?
The competition in the marketplaces for apps is fierce and under these circumstances, it can be difficult for applications to get initial traction. The first challenge is to develop an app with dozens of great features. The next is to get people to download it and keep using it. You need to have clear and effective strategies to make sure you succeed in this mission.

1. Use keywords to improve your ASO results

For your app to achieve a good ranking in the Google Play or App Store, it is important that you make good use of ASO techniques. One of the ways to do this is with the correct use of keywords. Let’s say you have an application called “Modern Calendar”. When choosing keywords, you should include the word “calendar” 3 to 6 times in the description, always keeping it relevant and appropriate. You can also use Google AdWords to search for other relevant terms that will be suggested by Google and that complement your primary keyword.

2. Make a video that describes your app and makes it attractive

One of the most important aspects in the app store is your collection of photos, images, and videos, as these designs are the first contact the user has with your product and will strongly impact his decision to download the app or not. Put extra emphasis on your most popular app designs to encourage downloads.

3. Implement CPI (Cost per installation) Burst Campaigns

Defining this type of campaign could be essential to increase your app downloads. This campaign helps you automatically reach more potential users, whether they are searching on Google Play or the Google search network, watching videos on YouTube, browsing websites, or using mobile apps on the Net Google Display. The campaign automatically optimizes your bids, your targeting, and your ad creatives to reach the right people from all these traffic sources.

4. Give limited discounts to gain downloads

People love free stuff and that goes for apps too. Start thinking about offering your apps for free or at a discount for a limited period. There are also applications that can help you advertise your app in the app stores. You can even send promotional items about your startup to anyone who downloads your app, it could be a pen or a coffee mug. Create a banner and let your customers know.

5. Spread the word

Influencer marketing is a smart method to get exposure for your app and increase the number of downloads. Introduce it to bloggers or influencers specializing in your industry. If they like your app, they will promote it and your startup, sharing their thoughts with their followers. You can also send information about your app to PRWeb or MarketWired who handle the press distribution for you. There are even specific mobile agencies like AppShout that can help you get in touch with a large number of blogs and publications.

6. Focus on the user

For app developers, the number of downloads is one of the most important metrics. You should also find out when, where and by whom your application is being used. You must constantly perform analyses to understand the behavior of your users from the moment they download it to the uninstallation. Defining your objectives and paying attention to your audience’s feedback in order to adapt to their desires, is the best way to ensure your application always has a high and constant volume of downloads. These tools can help you out: ● Flurry – Tracks events performed by the users so you can analyze user paths, segment them and even allow you to compare the app to the competitors based on parameters such as frequency of use, retention of users, etc. ● Google Analytics – You can measure the complete cycle of the user, from acquisition to conversion and monetization. ● Countly – Self-proclaimed as the only multi-platform mobile analytics tool which includes real time analysis of features. ● Localytics – You can opt for only the analytics tool that lets you segment your users, analyze conversion funnels and the value of the user’s life cycle and engagement in real time. You can also choose to combine analysis and marketing tools to include analysis of acquisition. For example, A/B tests, push notifications, etc.

7. Use a front picture for Google Play

Design a front picture that can increase downloads for your app. Be creative, get the attention of your potential users and highlight your product or service.

8. Take professional pictures of someone using your app in action

The purpose of the screenshots is to show your app in action. Take crisp and clean captures and take high-resolution photos of your buyer persona enjoying the design of your app on a phone or tablet. You should have at least 3 screenshots, preferably 6.