The reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) basically, and summing it up a lot, it is a system that allows the user to create and maintain a website by itself, without the need to appeal to third parties. But, why is WordPress the most popular CMS in the world?

You can create your website from the beginning, choose the visual appearance, integrate the functionalities you need, add pages, images, links, maps, videos, contact forms, links to social networks, etc.

The fundamental grace of this system is that it is simple for any user, even for those who have had no prior contact with the web world. To handle it, it is not necessary to know programming or have advanced computer skills.

8 aspects that differentiate WordPress from other CMS

Incredibly fast learning curve

Editing content, posting new pages or adding photos and images is as simple as doing it in Word.

Using WordPress you will not be limited to writing only text. You can manage images, audio and video. It allows you to add YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets or Soundcloud audio by simply pasting the URL into your post.

Any user, no matter how new he or she is, only needs a few hours to understand and master these tasks.

From my point of view WordPress in the simplest tool to manage the content of your web page.

It also has a very intuitive control panel and visual editor. It takes 10 minutes to get accustomed to the administration panel, from which you control all the fundamental aspects of your website.

There is a theme for everyone

Another reason WordPress is so successful is that it has thousands of themes to choose from. You have all kinds of designs and styles at your fingertips.

I assure you there is a WordPress theme for what you need. It does not matter if you want to make a photography website, an online magazine, a portfolio or a virtual store. Surely there is a perfect one for you.

Also, they are easy to customize. They usually incorporate their own panel of options, which allows you to change the color, upload a logo, change the background, use different structures, etc. Without having to write a single line of code. This is a great advantage of using WordPress compared to other systems much more complicated.

And if you get bored with the look of your website, change it. Keep in mind that the themes are independent of the content of your website. You can modify or change them at any time without losing your pages and entries.

The wonderful world of plugins

There are thousands of “little programs” ready to go. So-called plugins increase the functionality of your website in a spectacular way.

Traditional web pages need to program everything from scratch, while WordPress plugins are usually installed in 3 clicks.

Some things that can be done by installing plugins:

  • Add photo galleries, online sales systems, forums, maps, social sharing icons, search engine optimization improvements, subscription forms, surveys, contact forms, and an immense etc.

WordPress is ready for the mobile web

If your page does not look good and works perfectly on these devices, your customers will leave your page and go elsewhere.Therefore, it is very important to have a well defined mobile strategy to attract a greater number of users and also, for creating your app, if you want so.

Have you heard of a “responsive” website?

A responsive design makes the web automatically adapt to smartphones and tablets, modifying their appearance to optimize usability on devices that have a smaller screen size and less power than desktop computers.

Most WordPress themes are already designed to display correctly on mobile phones and the WordPress panel works on both smartphones and desktop PCs, so you can easily manage your page from any device with internet access.

WordPress and Google get along

WordPress has a very attractive programming for the search engines, and aside there are many plugins thought to improve the positioning in search engines (SEO), like WordPress SEO by Yoast and Google XML Sitemaps.

If you also have a blog and generate content regularly you will attract Google robots like a magnet.

Almost everyone agrees that WordPress is the content manager that offers best results in this regard. From my point of view this is one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress for the web of your business.

But why is SEO so important?

Well, because if your website does not appear in the first results of Google, you will have very little visibility.

  • If the web does not have visibility you do not receive visits.
  • If the web does not receive visitors nobody sees your products.
  • If nobody sees your products nobody buys you.
  • And if no one buys you, what do you want to have a website for?

WordPress is easy to monetize

Once you have a certain number of visits it is easy to monetize your website made with WordPress.

You can sell your products on the web, advertising spaces, do affiliate marketing, offer your services, online courses, etc.

WordPress as a web application development platform

Currently, web and app are the two most important communication channels, which allow a business to enjoy a greater communicative autonomy in terms of its form and content, and WordPress has known how to adapt to this, becoming the main base for mobile applications thanks to its increasingly prepared REST API data.

WordPress makes it easy.

Ads are easily inserted using widgets, you can manage e-commerce with a wide variety of plugins, including the popular WooCommerce, you can include price tables, etc.


After reading this article, I hope I have clarified the advantages of WordPress compared to other CMS. Do you use this tool as a content manager?



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