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What are the most expensive apps in the market?

Exams to practice as a lawyer in the USA, professional piano tools, and an atlas for surgical operations are some of the most expensive mobile apps that exist at the app stores, although there are others with unclear functionality.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Wallapop and Pokémon Go were some of the most downloaded apps last year, but none of them appears among the most expensive ones. Interestingly, the apps that will dig the deepest down our pocket doesn’t have a great notoriety for the major part of the population.

The maximum price that could be set for an app is 350 on Google Play, while the Apple Store has set a top of $1.000. Although it might seem like a lie, there are various apps that reach these prices or get close to them.

The most expensive apps the Apple Store offers

Cyber Tuner

Although it took them 3 years to make an app, Reyburn CyberTurner is a piano tuning software that has been on the market for more than 20 years. The cost for tuning a piano is quite elevated, but if you are a person strongly dedicated to this instrument, maybe you see these 1.000 USD as a long-term investment.

Moreover, the app also provides you with a subscription to the CyberCare service, including all the updates, as well as a personalized support via mobile or e-mail. Once the first year is over, it will be necessary to pay a 79,99 fee annually to keep having access to all that the app offers. All this makes Cyber Tuner one of the most creative apps that exist on the market.


This app is a ‘must’ if you are studying to become a lawyer in the USA. Created by a student from Harvard University, its downloading price is also 1.000 USD. It includes more than 50 hours of audio-classes, as well as an access to questionnaires with 1500 questions taken from official exams, but this last option comes with an additional cost of $250.

Paying and downloading the app doesn’t assure you that you will be able to become a lawyer in the USA, but the statistics show its success. For example, the average number of people who passed the exam is 61%, a percentage that increases to 75% if we count the ones who used BarMax. It comes with the possibility to access it from a computer as well.

VIP Black

Known as well as the Millionaire app, VIP Black has a cost of $1.000, and has the function of giving a preferential treatment and exclusive benefits to those people that are part of the iVIP Club. Apart from paying this quantity only for downloading the app, it is necessary to cover one very “insignificant” detail: you should demonstrate that your bank account has at least one million dollars in it. Almost nothing, right?

Discounts on luxury objects, exclusive events or reservations at luxury restaurants are some of the benefits that you could get if you fulfil all the requirements. The last update comes with geolocation, allowing you to benefit from the app from any part of the world.


The value of this app is provided by the company Visiomatic, which in some countries is called rock.Kasse, and it has the ability to turn our iPhone or iPad in a POS (Point-of-Sale System). Via touchscreen, we could have in our establishment a modern cash register, such as the one in fast food restaurants.

Its price is $1.000, but we dispose of all the services that a cash register offers, such as easily managing clients’ orders, print a receipt or manage the daily account.

The most expensive apps the Android Store offers

 Usatine Media Atlas

Possibly one of the most expensive apps for Android, these two atlases have a huge importance in the world of medicine. The Surgical Operations Atlas app by Zollinger is a world reference for surgeons, and it refers to the 10th edition of McGraw-Hill. It has all the information from this book, as well as the images, and a search bar to find a certain operation. The price is 320 USD.

The other Usatine Media app is an Emergent Medicine Atlas, oriented mainly towards the formation of professionals in the world of medicine, the information of which has been extracted of a publication by McGraw-Hill. The price of this app is $285.

The Abu Moo jewelry

What would you think if I told you that there are apps that cost more than 300 USD and don’t do anything? The following summarizes a collection of six apps, each one costs 350 USD, and when you download it, the only thing you can see on the display of our phone is a precious stone chosen randomly (amethyst, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and black diamond).

Do you want to buy an app only because you are capable of doing it?” “Maybe you want to impress your poor friends?” This is the presentation card for the jewelry of Abu Moo, which sums up to a total cost of $2.100.

There are other mobile apps with this price and the same utility, such as Most Expensive App and I´m Rich.

Now that you know the most expensive Android and iOS, do you have your own idea for an app? Bring it to life in only a few steps and at a great price with King of App.



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