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They would be a kind of Tente or Lego or Mecano according to the preferences of each one. But in any case they will not stop being telephones. What’s new from Google and its main competitor. The first is called “ ARA ” and it is very close to seeing the light; the second is called “ Vsenn ” and is committed to security. Both are two mobiles that are assembled piece by piece. Always innovating. Always looking to surprise and, therefore, be a leader in a tremendously competitive market. That’s Google and its penultimate attempt is this modular phone that is being developed in the premises of a small technical engineering company (NK Labs) led by Ara Knaian In collaboration with engineers from Motorola’s Advanced Projects and Technology group , a division it retained when it agreed to sell the mobile phone maker to Lenovo earlier this year, Google intends to launch a phone from which Only a chassis would be sold so that, incorporating different modules, the user could make it his measure. These modules could be different processors, batteries, memories, cameras, sound or more exclusive things such as a biometric module, video games, GPS … The chassis will only include the screen that would be available in three sizes, mini (4 or so inches), medium and jumbo (almost like a phablet). And it is that beyond customization, this system would allow constant updates depending on the module that had evolved. According to Google, the implementation in the ARA system will be free and open source, which raises many possibilities and each time is shown as a truly original idea that, if successful, can revolutionize the market. Apparently there are already some functional prototypes of the Ara, but the truth is that today standard mobiles offer a better size and price ratio than what Google could offer. The surprising thing is that from Mountain View they want their price to be around 50 dollars , although we will have to wait at least until the middle of next year to know for sure if they will be able to fulfill not only this intention but with other aspects more linked to the functionality and tastes of your potential customers. Also with the intention of taking over this new market appears Vsenn , a project led by a former Nokia worker who protects security as a weapon of seduction. Vsenn will be much less complex than the ARA since it will only allow you to choose three components (battery, processor and camera) to a chassis that will be fully customizable based on interchangeable housings. However, it will be much more secure than its competitors, they claim as they work on three layers of encryption for data entering, leaving or stored on the phone. The operating system used will be Android , in its cleanest version, with the promise to keep it updated four years after its launch. And the third in contention is Phonebloks , of which we leave you an explanatory video:



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