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Choose how you want to be seen or heard . This is the premise on which Pressenger is based. This App allows you to configure how the people we call appear on the phone screen. A specific photo or melody. These are two of the options that this App allows us so that every time we call someone they see and hear what we want. But there is a third, equally surprising, choice of message. In this way, on the receiver screen we can include an informative text that accompanies a photo and a particular music. Although on a personal level this application already has a certain grace, it is in the commercial field where the scope of expansion exceeds the unimaginable. From now on, with Pressenger , any company can appear on the screen with its logo, a text announcing a special offer or a ringtone that identifies it. Sensory Marketing adapted to the world of mobile telephony, once again. However, not everything is so beautiful for companies since, as is normal, the recipient has to fully agree to participate in this type of action. The way to give this consent is that the App must also be installed on your phone. At the moment, this App is only available for phones with Android operating system.



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