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Success stories: How mobile marketing has driven sales and results for these large companies

More and more entrepreneurs and advertisers, are aware of the importance of mobile marketing being integrate into their communication plans. They know that if they want to increase the engagement with the users they can not leave it aside. But beware, mobile marketing goes beyond having an app, and we’ll show you with examples below.

Today we dedicate the post to those who have done a good job in mobile marketing. Some of these campaigns were launched a few years ago and others have only a few months, but they all have something to teach us. Analyzing and studying the good work of some is a source of inspiration for others. Here is a list of companies that took advantage of mobile marketing:

Mobile Marketing: Examples and success stories

Starbucks and the payment of coffees with the mobile

Who’d say! This campaign already has about a lustrum. But at the time, in 2011, it was a revolution. Through a mobile app the user could locate their nearest Starbucks, place their order and pay with the mobile their daily dose of caffeine. The result: 7 million downloads and an increase in profits by 22%.

Subsequently, the company has incorporated new functionalities and services to retain its customers. Because developing a mobile app is not enough. If we want to improve the engagement of users with our brand, we must constantly add value. How? Making intelligent use of available analysis tools. The success of an app lies in analyzing the behavior of users to offer something that generates interest and participation.

And this Starbucks is doing quite well. For some reason it is considered one of the leading mobile marketing companies. For years now, it has in its mind “mobile first”, offering users continuous news. Recipes, geolocation actions, free music download or gift vouchers, among others. So, whether you like it or not your coffee, no one denies that they work hard to innovate and offer the best to their customers.

Danone and the code that “Feeds Smiles”

We now move back to 2013, the year in which the company turned its communications strategy into a new goal: driving mobile marketing. How? they proposed one of the actions that generate the best results in the mobile sector: QR codes. And if these codes were combined with discounts on their products, success was practically assured.

This campaign, designed 100% in Spain, was one of the largest projects of unique codes in Europe. In figures, Danone got 2 million users, 15 thousand discount coupons downloaded per day and 60 million QR codes generated per month.

IKEA and augmented reality

The 2014 catalog of the Swedish company would go down in history for its originality. IKEA realized that 14% of its customers returned the products because they were wrong in the measures. So they designed an augmented reality app, a technology that more and more companies are using today to attract customers. In the app the product of the printed catalog was scanned, it was placed in house and it was seen how it remained. The result? More than 6 million installations. Today, IKEA continues to improve this app with new features.

McDonald’s and its ‘Fry Defender’

How many times has someone told you “if you steal my potatoes, I’ll kill you”. As this idea was captured by McDonald’s and translated a mobile app that avoided theft of the most famous chips in the world. It consisted of placing the Smartphone on top of the tray to take care of your potatoes. If someone came near to steal them, the individual get caught.

The app got an increase in downloads in Canada (launch site) of 288%. 80% engagement, more than 12 million impressions and more than 1 million views of the promo video. Simplicity and creativity are two of the best ingredients for an effective mobile campaign.

Save the Children and the “Missing Child”:

It is estimated that in China 1 child is lost every 3 minutes, and by law, it is not considered disappearance until after 24 hours. The NGO Save the Children then had a brilliant idea based on geolocation. The operation is very simple: when a child is lost, his family members press the SOS button. Instantly the image of the child appears on the screens of the users who have the app. If someone visualizes it, press the REPORT button and the location is sent to their relatives.

An award-winning idea at The Webby Awards 2016 with the public’s award for the best use of geolocation technology that will save many lives.

The mobile marketing industry innovates every day and squeezes their brains to attract new consumers. Because more and more focus on interacting with users to capture their attention rather than bursting without permission in their lives. Can you imagine where we will be in 10 years?



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