Standing Out in the Play Store Crowd using ASO

I’m sure you’ve heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). App Store Optimization (ASO) is a little-known term in mobile marketing.It consists of a set of good practices, as well as SEO, to optimize the application and improve its positioning in the search results of app stores. Specifically, make your app easier to find in the organic search of the devices.

Marketers who know about the existence of App Store Optimization (ASO) practices are already one step ahead of most. This is the first step to stand out your app in the Play Store.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Gaining visibility for your smartphone application on the Play Store search results involves several factors. ASO includes optimization of on-site elements but also other factors, such as ratings and reviews.

Keywords that respond to your search target

When a person searches for an app, they usually type a few words into the app store search bar. Knowing exactly what people are going to write is one of the most important points of an ASO strategy. Keywords have a big impact on store algorithms. Choose carefully the right terms to attract more customers to your smartphone application on the Play Store.

Clear and complete description

For the Play Store, the keywords are identified in your description and you have up to 4,000 characters to make a relevant description with several keywords. In the Apple Store the description is not as relevant as in the Play Store, and the keywords are placed in a specific field that is not visible to users.

Nice screenshots that show the benefits of your app

The screenshots have a huge impact, the first impression of the app’s look and feel directly influences the user’s experience, and the vast majority of people take a look at the design before even reading the description. Along with video, it is the main conversion factor inside the page.

Gain reviews and good ratings

The ratings and reviews are relevant to the organic search algorithm. If your application has good reviews and positive comments, your ranking improves. If not, it lowers. In addition, the opinion of other users directly influences the download or purchase decision.

These are the basics. Now you can start with other strategies:

Create a “viral” video

Take advantage of Youtube and follow the standard “viral” marketing model. Create smart, catchy and clever demonstration videos to appeal to the largest group of people, increasing user engagement. Here are some tips to implement this cheap and easy strategy.

Do something amazing

We are currently exposed to an increasing amount of information in our daily lives. A natural reaction to this for many people has simply been to become indifferent to ‘normal’ content. You have to create something really amazing that is extremely relevant for your target group.

Look at the influencers

Each subject has a passionate audience and you must think about them in order to really generate viral content. To get high user engagement your content must be extremely relevant and surprising to them.

Focus on something that will have great social value for the group you want to target. Do not focus on how this will benefit you.

You get what you give

No one likes to do free advertising for a small business, unless the idea has a very high social value and the campaign actually delivers value.

Marketing Outlets Online

You can use other retail outlets, such as Longest.com, which list iPhone advertising networks and ideas about monetizing iPhone apps.

AppBeacon.com helps consumers discover new apps for the iPhone, publish app reviews, find new products, receive regular price updates and features and also tracks app news. It is a great opportunity to attract more customers!

Traditional Advertising

With AdMob you can generate ad revenue from mobile apps by continuously integrating banner, interstitial, or video ads into your app. The variety of formats means that you have many opportunities to provide the best user experience.

Banner ads appear at the top or bottom of the app screen, and may suggest that users install applications, access websites, view products, etc. The in-app engagement ads expand to full screen when the user touches the banner.

You can also join the Facebook Public Network, which is focused on advertising by using the Facebook system as a developer to monetize your application.

The only thing you have to do is to integrate your app with the Public Network, which can be done through a Software Development Kit (SDK). After that you need to determine the positions at which the ads will be displayed. The ad formats are the same as in AdMob: banner, interstitial or video. Finally, you have to submit your app to Facebook for review – the process can take up to 48 hours, but is done automatically.

When Facebook has approved, you can start to earn revenue.

To help you to optimize your mobile app, achieve a higher ranking in the app store, and increase the engagement between your company and your customers, King of App facilitates you with a variety of services and settings that make your business more visible and attractive to the public.



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