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6 reasons to create a mobile app

With the boom of the mobile app industry, there is a wide variety of reasons to make an app for your brand. It is mistakenly thought that mobile apps are exclusively for big companies and require a huge expenditure, but it couldn’t be further from reality.

According to Pew Research Center, about 224 million Americans use mobile apps every day, and more than 77% of the American population use smartphones in their daily life. This data shows the importance of apps nowadays, but only 26% of the small and medium sized enterprises actually have one. Why should your company have an app?

1. Your company will be available online 24 hours a day.

As we already mentioned, a high percentage of the American population has an Internet access from their mobile phones. The user who downloaded your app will have an open contact with your company 24 hours/7 days a week.

The users who have downloaded the app will be able to access it in any given moment of the day, increasing the sales possibilities, and improving the attitude towards your company. A mobile app speeds up the search process in comparison to a computer, providing a faster reach for information.

2. You increase visibility and Brand value

Among the goals of a Digital Marketing strategy, some of the most important ones are trying to increase traffic and visibility. By creating a mobile app, you can increase the visibility of your company.

Moreover, having a mobile application supports brand innovation, and allows you to be updated with the modern world of technology. It will make you stand out of the crowd, creating a direct path between the user and the brand.

According to Xataka Móvil, people unlock their mobile phones more than 150 times a day, which increases the possibility of them seeing the corporative colors or the logo of your brand’s app on the screen of their Smartphone, getting familiar with your brand.

3. The apps are the present and the future of your business on the Internet

We have already seen that mobile apps have a huge presence in USA, and the number of people that possess a smartphone is impressive. As Statista’s data reflects, only 58% of the population have used a computer in the last 3 months, a fact that reaffirms our initial statement.

According to Strategy Analytics, the corporative mobile apps generated more than 74 billion dollars in 2016, and it’s expected that by 2022, this sum increases to 128 billion dollars, almost doubling the results from last year. “The mobile access to apps is generating an immense importance in regions such as Asia-Pacific, where the labor is big and doesn’t stop growing”, states Andrew Brown, the Executive Director of Strategy Analytics.

4. You can acquire new users and retain your current audience

Moreover, mobile apps will provide you with the possibility to segment and reach users of different profiles depending on the way they use the app: the time they spend browsing, most visited links…Thanks to the Push Notifications, you can send personalized messaged depending on the characteristics of the user: his current location, preferences, age, etc.

Mobile apps can also help you gain the loyalty of your customers. The purpose of any company, besides from looking for new clients, is to also make sure that its current clients keep their contact with the brand, whether it is to buy the product or service. Once the app has been downloaded, the possibilities that the user buy again increase.

5. One of the best techniques to distribute content

For a company, it’s complicated to manage the content of its webpage, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…however, it is complicated for the users as well. With an app, you can gather together all disperse content regarding the company, and put it in one single place, making it much faster and simpler for the user to access all the information.

Moreover, when the whole content is united in only one place, you can take advantage of the so-called viral effect. Considering that users are the best ambassadors of your brand, uploading original and interesting content will make them share it as well on their social media network.

6. Making your own app is fast and simple. Try King of App.

Do you need more reasons to create a mobile app? With King of App, you will find it simple, since it’s the first CMS open-source platform for the creation of mobile apps, giving you the possibility to make your own app in only a few steps and for less than 100 euros.



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