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Like in the movies, but better. Google has launched the option to notify us when an App of our interest is published. Thanks to this option we are not going to miss any news and the developers ensure a good number of downloads in a very short time. The option announced by Google and which has come into operation this week allows to pre-register on Apps announced with an upcoming launch. In this way, all those interested will receive a message, via push notification on our mobile, alerting that the application in question is now available for download. At the moment there is only one App that allows this option. This is the game “ Terminator Genesys: Revolution ”. Pending final publication date and without a fixed price, it already accumulates a good number of reservations. A download forecast , but that does not have to become real because the option of acquiring this or any of the applications under this modality is, in the end, free for each user. At the time of its release, it will be up to you to decide if you really want or are interested in the application. The good thing about this service is that we will never again forget that App that we were warned about was coming out and that aroused so much interest at the time.

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