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Promote your app. Get more downloads with these simple techniques

One of the big problems of selling apps for mobile is being able to convey its advantages.

Your app is able to perform many functions, but when you put them into writing, everything is confusing. Not only does it look less attractive, but you’ve had to write a very long text.

In addition, you are also afraid that your customers will not read the text for laziness. And no wonder you think that, the reality is that people do not like to read because it is heavy and tiresome.

Now that you know the advantages of having an app in your company and you know how much it costs to develop it, you need to know the most important: how to promote a mobile application to start getting downloads. The budget that you have destined to the creation of your application must be similar to the one that you will destine in the promotion of the same one. That’s not to say that all the steps are for payment, there are many creative and free ways to start your marketing plan.

Start by choosing the name

The name of your mobile application has to be unique and easy to pronounce. It must include the most important keywords of your business and give clues about the problem that will solve to the user who decides to download it.
 Try not to exceed 12 characters

Make it suitable for SEO. Uses terms that consumers enter in search engines when they think of mobile applications. Opting for a composite name can be a good choice, for example, like WhatsApp or Evernote.

Choose the correct category of your application

You must choose a category and subcategory for your application. Although a priori seems simple, there are many apps that do not identify with any, in this case you should think about the user and ask yourself the following question: What category are my potential customers? The selection of the same will be decisive in the promotion of the application. Once launched, you can change the category in each update.

Create an icon and amazing screenshots

As in every business, the first impression is what counts. When it comes to promoting an application the visual design will be key in the customer’s decision. And that initial design of an app is no more (or less) than a launch icon and several screenshots that explain the content.

The icon is what will differentiate your application. It should be attractive enough to stand out among thousands of similar icons with which you will share the same storefront: play store. The features that must be included are different depending on whether it is for iOS or Android.

The best option is to publish a project for a freelance designer to help you in creating the best icon for your app, as well as in the web design or landing page.

Before deciding whether or not to download the application, the user will also encounter several screenshots that should describe the operation of the app.

Here are some of the goals that an application’s screenshots must meet:

  • Provide an exciting and informative feel about the application.
  • Explain what the app does. If you have to include a screenshot with personal data to explain something important, try replacing it with one that simulates the situation as well as possible.
  • Convince users to download the application.

Write a title, description and keywords

Choosing keywords, just like content marketing, can determine the success or failure of an app. In fact, the SEO concept adapted to the mobile channel already exists: ASO (App Store Optimization). App stores will become increasingly competitive, and you should strive to make your application top of the class.

Create a blog and share your content

Content marketing is important in all businesses, and more if we talk about ecommerce or mobile applications. You must write content that interests your potential customers, put you on your skin and hook them with useful information. When you start receiving organic views, include a banner from your landing page on the blog and you will see how soon your app downloads will increase.

A good way to start promoting a mobile application is to build the blog a month before launch. You can comment on the build process and the benefits of your app. It will also serve to receive the first doubts or suggestions of future clients.

A good example of blog to promote an application is Buffer. They update daily contents of great interest for their audience and very shared in social networks. The only advertisement they introduce is a banner to your landing page that stays static on the right side of all your content. Converting most of your readers into customers is assured.

Promote your app on social networks

Nothing you do not know. Use social networks to promote your application daily: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, are indispensable. In addition something as simple as including a link to your application in all the profiles that you have in social media will help you safe in the promotion. Also it is interesting to create a board in Pinterest with images of the blog, infographics or all type of visual contents that identify with your application.

Create a video of your mobile application

It does not necessarily have to be a tutorial or explanatory video. You can create a video that invites reflection, is fun, creative, or simply tells a story. The important thing is that the user feels identified and is interested to know more about the application.



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