Originality and usefulness, keys to a good App

If it is useful , it has already gone half the way for an App to have some success. However, there are never guarantees as a myriad of factors have a direct impact on ensuring that an application does not get lost in the maelstrom of the markets. And it is necessary to bear in mind that 2,700 different applications are published daily for more than 4 million downloads. Given such a volume of available Apps, it is presumed difficult to highlight . For this, advertising appears to be a fundamental element. The positioning strategies in the markets are on the rise but no matter how much and well it appears, if people do not know what your App is about, little can be done. Advertise it is basic and in this social networks and “word of mouth help a lot. About two thirds of the Apps published in the main stores have never been downloaded. A total of 400,000 applications are invisible to users, do not appear in the ranking and have never obtained downloads. But there is no need to lose heart, as many of them are not useful for the general public either. This is the most and best cover letter for an App; it must respond to a need. The apps, in themselves, have a really limited route with what you have to give them a meaning. A commercial or personal app responds to a need (or to several) and this is the great asset they play against those designed for a very specific function and whose content, basically, differs little from its competitors -games, apps designed to optimize productivity at work, messaging, social networks, etc … It is clear that the formula for success does not exist by itself, but there are a series of factors that determine whether an application will have a minimum travel on people’s mobile phones and the main one is that the content is interesting. An App that does not entertain, an App that does not inform, an unattractive App has its days numbered . For this reason, at King of App we strive to offer more and better designs. Soon we will be able to show you new templates and also new customization options because we know that you want to be different from each other, because we know you are original and we want to be up to the task. So stay tuned because very soon we will tell you new surprises. Phase two is underway!



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