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Ok Diary: “King of App, the easiest and within your reach to create a mobile app”

With King of App, creating a native app no ​​longer requires you to know how to program

If you have ever embarked on the task of creating a web page or publishing a blog, you will know that there are many ways to do it, although one of the most practical is to use a content manager such as WordPress, which allows you to create a dynamic website , with many functionalities and without having to program a single line of code. However, if what you have tried is to create a mobile application for iPhone or for Android, you will know that it is a much more complicated task and requires necessarily programming knowledge. There is a Spanish “star up”, King of App, which began three years ago to create a technology so that anyone could create their native mobile application without having any programming knowledge and in the most economical way. It is the simplest and cheapest system that exists for any small business or individual to create a native mobile app for IOS or Android without the need for programming. To read the full article, enter here .

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