Now you can publish your applications in the App Store thanks to the own ID compilation of King of App

King of App, startup from Lleida, which is responsible for providing its customers access to the creation of applications for the most popular operating systems, introduces among its services the compilation with its own ID: a solution that allows you to compile and sign your app with your developer credentials automatically and thus be able to publish it (also automatically) from the same app builder.

This update of the tool, is mainly due to the new rules of publication of the App Store, which requires that to publish an app in the Apple store it is necessary that the brand and the developer own the application. This fact, will make all those who want to publish in the marketplace of iOS must register as a developer to prove that he is the owner of that app and accept the conditions and responsibilities that Apple requires. Therefore, the compilation with your own ID, along with access to the code of your app and the more than 300 functionalities available in the marketplace is what will allow you to overcome Apple’s restrictions.

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