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Negative app reviews: how to deal with them

You might think that your job is done once your application is created and live in the app stores, but actually the real hard work has not yet begun. In the main stores, there are more than five million apps available so you need to make sure you stand out from the rest.

One of the factors that help users decide whether to download an app is the app’s rating and reviews. Obviously, you want to have as many positive reviews as possible but users will also see the negative app reviews, so how you deal with them is crucial. After all, the user feedback can be very useful to improve your application.

App ratings

Rankings are updated using the search and ordering algorithms of the store. There is no “magic formula”, but some factors can help to make a difference.

One of them are the number of high quality reviews and ratings. Your average rating will appear to the user when you have at least five comments and has the power to convince the user to download your application.

In addition to influencing the user’s interest in downloading your app, the ratings also influence app store algorithms. An app with a higher average rating will better positioned in App Stores, which will bring more visibility and more downloads. It is important to make sure your app’s rating is always better than your competitors’.

Another element that influences rank are the keywords, which will help the store’s search engine find the app. The name of the app is also important for the user to identify it and ideally should be the words that best define your app.

Establish a communication channel with your users

Use all available channels to start a conversation with the user, be quick and respectful in your responses. This can make all the difference in the ratings and reviews that you will get in the store, it does not matter if it is something obvious, always answer all the demands.

Negative app reviews are excellent tools for improving the quality of a product. In the world of technology and mobile apps, comments help developers improve their software and make applications more popular. If your business does not encourage feedback from users, it is missing a great opportunity to improve its relationship with the end user and gain new insights for improvements to the product.

Getting feedback through app stores

Most applications ask the user for feedback in the same way: an annoying window that disrupts the user experience and may even generate negative app reviews.

To increase the number of positive reviews, there are three important steps to follow:

  1. Do not interrupt the usage experience.
  2. Do not request a review from users not using the app frequently.
  3. Do not forget to request an evaluation after the user has been able to perform the main activities of your app.

Ask for a request for feedback only at the best possible moment. For example, an hotel app can request a review after the user booked a room. For a content app, you could request the evaluation only from users who have opened the app several times in the first week of use. This way you can restrict review requests to people who already know how the app works and will be more likely to leave a positive comment.

Negative reviews in Social Networks

App stores are not the only places people use to give feedback on apps. Through sites like Facebook and Twitter, for example, you can get in touch with users, do quality surveys or even get new ideas. Thus, in addition to being a cheap and reliable advertising tool, social networks can also increase people’s engagement with your product.

You can request feedback within a contact button or an email submission form in order to learn how people use your app and what points should be improved. Another idea is to create a forum on your app that encourages information exchange between users and developers. This was adopted by game developers, who use forums to get in touch with fans of their games and increase engagement.

Usage experience

Having an app that requests feedback in a funny and creative way is a great way to receive 5-star reviews. At the end of the day, what will motivate your users to better evaluate your product is the quality of your application. Speed, good design, no crashes, and usability are critical for an app to gain approval of users and build a loyal community.

Motivated users submit true and unfiltered reviews. Knowing what a person thinks of your application, even if he has a negative opinion, is critical to the evolution of your work as a developer. Ultimately this feedback will lead to new solutions and more customized features.



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