What is mobile commerce and why has it revolutionized how we buy on the Internet?

More and more users are adding to the purchase through their mobile devices, and as a result online stores have had to adapt to this situation. Taking into account this premise, it is necessary that the online stores have a mobile version as optimized as possible so that the user’s shopping experience is satisfactory. In addition, online users go from one device to another, but rarely complete their purchase where they started the search. Therefore, connecting all channels is essential to ensure the sale and not lose consumers as a result of poor usability.

Getting to the point

Being direct in content is essential to optimize web pages, but it is still more relevant to get online stores optimized on mobile phones. Buyers are looking for quick answers to the questions they have about products without having to go through long texts to find what they are looking for. If information about content is necessary, it is important to ensure that only the full text appears if the buyer wants it.

Provide a fluid channel change

No matter how good the mobile version of a store is, there will be always users looking for information that does not appear on the product page. Also, it should be noted that on certain occasions users can not browse the product page freely due to the different categorization that sometimes varies depending on the channel. For that reason, on certain occasions, integrating a link that redirects to the web version, broadens the freedom of users when it comes to choosing, and thus offers a better experience.

Exclude the so-called “conversion killers”

Online stores can not function without forms, whether subscription bulletins, new user registrations, or searches; they are everywhere. However, forms with poor quality format may become conversion killers, especially if you are shopping from a smartphone or tablet. To avoid abandoning the cart, it is important to help the user fill them by asking them what is strictly necessary. This is achieved using the possibilities offered by the software of mobile and HTML5 keyboards. This way stores can display the alphabetic keyboard to fill in the email addresses, and the numeric when it comes to entering landlines or mobiles. The key to avoid these conversion killers is analyzing and optimizing.

Optimize the loading time

The customers are impatient and in addition they usually suffer a lack of time. Minimizing style sheets and Javascript files, and using a compression tool, you can reduce the size of images without losing quality. Thanks to this simple process will reduce the loading time and will prevent the customer from getting tired of waiting and abandon the purchase.

Integrate icons on the home screen of the mobile device

Online stores succeed thanks to repeat customers. That is why it is key to install an icon on the main page of the device so that the buyer is permanently a click of the store in question. IOS, Android and Windows Mobile allow you to save favorite web pages on the home page. By using simple online generators, these HTML codes can be created in minutes.

Potential customers

The fact of having an app for our business helps to increase the possibility of sale products and services for the simple fact that mobile commerce is open 24/7, and that at any time from anywhere, a potential customer can access the products offered by that brand, being able to convert from a very simple way into a real customer. For this, of course, it is necessary that if you are committed to an application, its development is complete and effective and the catalog of products and services is permanently updated.

Social networks

Many of the most successful mobile commerce applications have another feature that is critical to seeing your market grow. This is syncing with social networks. This allows access to possible new customers, thanks to the networks of contacts that the user of that application has, a niche market that should never be forgotten, as well, it is very possible that they share with our client tastes and hobbies. We are insisting on the “Mobile First” philosophy that tells us that when it comes to being a company with a promising future in the lines of business, we must first think about how to reach our customer through their mobile device. Making an application can be as simple as hiring a web developer to do that work for us. Mobile versions of stores and apps offer a simple, fast and effective formula to buy through the mobile but it is essential that they are optimized since otherwise what will be achieved will be the abandonment of the purchase. It is important to take into account the technical factors that may determine whether the customer ends the purchase or not, and most importantly, repeat in the future. Create now your m-commerce app



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