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Meetup WordPress Madrid “If you make webs now you know how to make apps”

Just a few days ago, specifically last Thursday, November 23rd, we had the opportunity to continue our meetup tour “If you make websites now you know how to make apps” with the WordPress community in Madrid.  At the event, which took place at Siteground España’s headquarters in Madrid, we talked about marketing and apps, as well as tell to the WordPress community how they easily can convert their websites made with WordPress into apps.  

Xavi Barata, our CEO, told them about the problem that many professionals usually face and led him to the idea that gave rise to King of App: the budgets for creating an app are very high and important programming knowledge is needed to develop them. Now with King of App it is now much cheaper and just by watching a video tutorial you can have a completely functional app ready.

The talk was developed based on the question: What advantages does an app have?

  • A website is thought and generated in relation to content and positioning in search engines, while apps are generated to connect with the user.
  • The web solves a specific problem while the app generates a much larger loyalty and engagement.
  • A web offers a static content, on the other hand, in an app the content is more dynamic.

At the end, Xavier also highlighted the benefits of including app creation in their portfolio:

  • Cross-selling: When I sell a website I can also sell an app without spending a lot of time on creation.
  • Sale of recurring services: ASO, app maintenance, hosting, updates and changes, analytics report….
  • Monetization: create advertising to monetize my content, selling Apps in stores, referral and mobile commerce campaigns.

If you have found it interesting and were unable to attend this meetup, we recommend you to follow our social networks, as we hope to join the rest of WordPress communities in Spain very soon to show them how they can easily convert their websites into apps without running out their customer’s budget.


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