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The importance of design in corporate identity

Today there are millions of companies, brands and products. They all have to compete in the market to attract as many users as possible. In a business environment as competitive as the one we live in today, it is important to know how to differentiate ourselves and find a competitive advantage that makes us stand out.

There is no doubt that an institution or a company cannot be defined solely by what it does or by the products or services it offers. Within each company there is its own universe. This is formed by its objectives, its philosophy, the relationship it maintains with its clients or employees. In addition to each and every one of the elements that are part of it.

One of these parts plays an essential role when it comes to making the company known: corporate identity .

Corporate identity arises from the combination of verbal identity with visual identity. The name of the company and the creation of the brand.

Perhaps we can think at first that naming is the most important part of corporate identity. But without a doubt – although choosing a name that represents our company is difficult – we should not underestimate the visual identity .

Visual identity is the company’s way of having a first contact with potential customers and making itself known. The brand has the ability to transmit values ​​ and visually represent the company .

If we do not have a clear corporate identity, we will go unnoticed or even be confused with our competitors. The red color of Coca Cola, the apple and the cleanliness of the design in Apple or the lamp that replaces the letter i of Pixar. These are characteristic elements that have become icons that we all know and can differentiate.

The image that we want to convey abroad is a tangible value. This will represent the intangible aspects that make up our company (such as mission, vision and philosophy). For this reason, when creating the image of a company we have to take design into account.

A good design will make us be recognized and will help build the corporate architecture we are looking for.

What audience are we targeting? What do we want to convey? What are our values? What is our goal? How do we want the user experience to be?

These and many other questions are what we have to ask ourselves before starting to develop the design and image of our company or product; because each color and each typeface mean and represent different values ​​and we must use each element appropriately. We want to attract attention and get new consumers ; for this design is decisive.

A clear example of the good work of design and corporate identity is Starbucks. In addition to its characteristic logo and the atmosphere that they have managed to create in their premises, the coffee company continues to innovate every year to surprise its consumers. But they never neglect its design and its characteristic elements:

In the digital and new technologies environment, design continues to be a key piece of corporate identity. The websites and social networks are means that help us to address our clients directly. The relationships between brands and users have radically changed. For this reason, it is important that we follow the same visual line in each and every one of the media in which we are. Companies must know how to adapt to new media. They have to bring their image to each of them, to continue transmitting their values ​​clearly to the public and thus avoid confusion.

The same thing happens in the mobile application environment:

The world of apps is still a young sector that is growing and exploring its possibilities. The growth of the use of the Smartphone is exponential. It is positioned as the main device through which we enter the Internet. 88.3% of users connect via mobile . Every day more companies create their own app, with the aim of reaching more users and improving their online presence.

identidad corporativa

Regardless of whether we develop a mobile application native, web or hybrid ; we will have to adapt the image, the functionalities and the characteristics that we want. In this way we will ensure that the user experience is useful and effective for those we want to address according to our objectives and needs. Thanks to the customization that we believe in our app , we will attract consumers who are truly interested in our product.

If design is not your strong suit, you can use the help of elements or templates already created. It’s a good way to get a look & amp; feel customized for your application without having to spend hours designing. At King of App we can help you get the look you are looking for and that will win over users; It’s easier than you think!

In short, we can say that design is a key and indispensable element . We must take this into account when developing the corporate identity of our company. Regardless of the medium in which we communicate, the image and the brand must be original and recognizable with the values ​​that we want to transmit; to get closer to our users and create a unique brand image .



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