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Medieval fever spreads

It has little or nothing to do with Apps but it does, and a lot, with our image and that is why we highlight it here today. And it is that medieval fighting is gaining strength to such an extent that this past weekend the final of the world championship of this modality was played. The setting was the magnificent castle of Malbork , in Poland, and it was the hosts who rose with the prized triumph . 500 gentlemen from 16 countries have participated in this event where the podium was completed by the representatives of the United Kingdom and Spain; Quebec, the United States and Denmark completed the top five places in the competition. You can read at this link the news about the championship which indicates, “ medieval combat is a sport deeply rooted in Eastern Europe that began to be practiced in Spain in 2012 The participants use armor from the 14th and 15th centuries that must be approved by judges and wield weapons such as swords, maces or axes. It is a contact sport, although it is governed by very strict rules As in rugby, after the competition the rivals fraternize with each other “.

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