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Improve your app downloads with these stunning best ASO techniques

ASO (App Store Optimization) is nothing more than the positioning of applications in the different online stores. In other words, it is the SEO of the applications. Although there are several apps stores, we will highlight above all that the ASO works to position in the App Store and Google Play, the two largest and best-known apps repositories in the world. To get an idea, 91% of downloaded applications are through both platforms, according to The Forrester report. Want to know how to increase your app downloads? Below we show you the best ASO techniques to position your app among the top positions of the stores.

ASO on Google Play


Use a short name, which can be read directly in the search and includes the keyword you want to position. Google Play allows you to add up to 50 characters to the title. Since the Google Play store does not have the option to add keywords, it is in the title and in the description where the keywords must be included to be able to position ourselves.


The description should be of, at least 350 words, and with the keyword repeated several times in the description but without going over you can use it once every 100-150 words. You have up to 4,000 words to put in this description, so the more you use, the better. However, at first glance, users can only see the first three lines equivalent to about 80 characters. If the APP has prizes, quotes in the media or influencers, this is the place to reference it. Linkbuilding is important to add links to our website and encourage indexing.


The icon does not directly affect the positioning but it affects the number of people downloading your app. Create an attractive icon and avoid using a white background, as it will not differ from the background of Google Play.


Choose the category more pertinent to your app, so that your users can find you and relate more quickly if they filter by category.

Screen Captures

Create attractive images of your app and add a video to ensure that everyone can see the app working before downloading it.


The more positive reviews and more high scores, the better your application will position. If you do not get to receive them naturally, you can always encourage other people to do it in exchange for money or ask your collaborators to rate you.


The greater the number of downloads of your app, the better position in Google Play. Yes, be careful because if you encourage many people to download it and uninstall it immediately afterwards, the effect will be the opposite, it could be considered “Black Hat ASO” and both stores penalize it.

Developer’s age

Google Play relies on developers who have been discharged for a long time and have uploaded other applications before. Therefore, if you are a new developer you have a small handicap with respect to those that have already taken months or registered years

ASO in App Store in 7 steps


The title is the most important of all. Here you have the advantage that the title can be up to 30 characters long, so everything below that scale and have the keyword inside will be fine.


In the App Store we will try to do it in a different way to Google Play. The goal will not be so much to write many words and put the keyword several times, but to encourage the download. It is more advisable to make a short description and make you want to download the app than one of 4,000 with keywords everywhere. Repeat the keyword a few times, but focus on making an attractive description.


The criteria is similar than in Google Play. Again, avoid using a white background since your app will not stand out in the search results.


Show the whole app through screenshots or choose a video. With the images you can create a game with them, trying to make them all together. We always recommend the use of visual material to attract our customers.


You can include a main and a secondary category, although the first will be the most important. Perhaps you think that nobody looks for apps by categories, but you would be surprised to know that it is something that is done more than you think.


Apart of the title, reviews are the most important ranking factor in the App Store. More reviews and more positive feedback will make your app fly from the bottom to the top of the ranking. Focus on generating many more just upload the app and see how you appear on the cover for several days.


Be careful to include many or some not recommended as brand names. Use those that are related to your app and that fit with the searches that are made in the App Store, and above all never do SPAM. Following these steps you can go from having an application that does not download anyone to be in the Top 10. It is very important that you do all these steps as soon as you upload the application, because if a new app is very downloaded it has many more possibilities to upload that is an older one There are other stores like Amazon AppStore or Windows Phone Store to which we could also apply many of these tips.



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