Geolocation based services, the key to improve your app engagement

The development of the mobile technology is getting to modify vertiginously the behavior of purchase of many potential clients thanks to the geolocation, fact that has not gone unnoticed by the experts in Mobile Marketing. In an increasingly mobile environment, where penetration and use of smartphones increases exponentially, taking advantage of the value of the geographical location, becomes a key tool, to take advantage of information that may be of vital importance for business.

How do we geolocate our position?

The simplest way is through our mobile phone. There are two ways that this can happen, one is through the GPS of your smartphone, through the network of satellites that surrounds us, can locate us anywhere in the globe and the second option is triangulating our position on the map, calculating the intensity of the signal from our mobile phone in relation to the nearby telephony antennas. The thing is, the way our phone calculated our position is irrelevant, since our mobile calculates it directly. What is important for us as a company is that geolocation allows us to launch marketing actions that will generate new customers. Imagine for a moment that we are in a new city and we want to locate a restaurant nearby. Our mobile according to our position, you can locate all the nearby restaurants and see even recommendations, recommendations that can be of our friends or even special offers designed specifically for us, that arouse interest.

What are geolocation platforms?

We could define them as location social networks of opinion about those establishments that have been interacted (visited, bought, etc.) and their subsequent commentary on it. It is what you have done all your life talking with those of the place about the new businesses that open or are visited in an area but instead of words that takes the wind, digitizing the content with all that implies. It is an “amplified word of mouth”. The Yelp platform, for example, is connecting the world ON and the OFF named community leaders by zones (have to live in the place) to find what is important, highlight it and identify active users to give value to what is said to the community . Geolocation allows a consumer, depending on their geographical position, to find our business, obtain the route to reach it, and even open a communication channel, to establish strategies for attracting and loyalty, among many other things.

How will geolocation affect retail?

  • Increasing the presence in the network with what will generate viral marketing with a local focus
  • Special short-term connection with digital consumers, possibly having influence in the circle and sector in which they move. In the medium term, with all native digital consumers, the traditional consumer’s weight will have been greatly reduced and not being present in the geolocation will lose the digital connection of most of your customers.
  • It will be possible to connect with the best clients to reward them and therefore will increase the possibilities of promotion. Increased customer loyalty.
  • More quality and direct relations with customers.
  • More knowledge of what they think of our store.
  • Identify and obtain information on user statistics by tracking their behavior.
This will not be “free”, the shop owner will have to dedicate time to it but will allow him to advertise, understand customers, adapt his products to demand, know what they think of his services and all this to differentiate himself in his neighborhood. The next competitors highlighting the stores they like the most.

What can I offer by means of geolocation?

Visibility: We talk about visibility on geolocation platforms, but also visibility in social networks, since every time a user informs on social networks that he is in a certain business, this update, is made visible to his friends. Another important point that we must not forget is to establish an appropriate strategy with Google My Business, where we can improve our SEO, that is, our natural positioning in Internet search engines. We need to spell out the details of our business in this free Google tool. Also if we have a blog of our business, when we make new post, it would be convenient to geolocalize where this post was made. This option, if you use the Google Blogger, you can do it directly, which will gradually improve your positioning. Generate new customers in a certain range: the function explore many geolocation services, allows us to see the nearby businesses we have around us and most importantly, users see their friends’ recommendations and we can launch offers seeking to incite the action of the consumer. Improve our loyalty strategy: geolocation platforms allow you to design loyalty strategies, for example, you can easily reward a consumer with a free cover depending on how often they interact with us. Notoriety: If the customer likes the experience in your business, share it, because when people enjoy and have a good time wants to show it off and share it with their friends. These written recommendations in the geolocation networks, will give notoriety to your business and facilitate the entry and capture of new customers. These are widely used services from mobile devices. When someone is on the street and needs something, it very easily turns to your smartphone to find it. If your business is registered in one of these platforms, it will gain visibility and if it also offers an advantage over another similar business with a promotion for example, you will have more ballots to be the one chosen by the user. i want create app



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