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Expansión daily interview: Xavier Barata, CEO King of App

Discover the keys to sell to other companies

When Xavi Barata, mobile technology developer, presented the budget for his advertising applications to companies, he found that those responsible for it rated the cost of it as very high. Thus, together with a team of six people, he worked for two years on a platform inspired by WordPress so that each company could create its own app.
 “In 2014 we put it on the market and got funding from the Horizon 2020 program,” says Barata. After this, The King of the App, the name of the business with which they commercialized their novel technology, had capital but did not have the demand they had anticipated. “We decided to orient our philosophy to customer sales since you do not address a person, you do it to companies, that is, to communities with different problems and needs,” says the expert. Like The King of the App, many SMEs offer their products or services to other businesses. “In Spain, 54% of companies operate in the B2B sector, but a large part of their leaders are not even aware that they are selling to another professional and not to a final consumer”, points out Óscar Torres, director of Esade’s B2B program. . Therefore, to be successful when targeting individuals who, after their purchases, will have to give an account of this decision to the rest of their company’s team, those responsible for business have to know the keys with which to conquer this sector. You can read the complete news here

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