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The mobile and the cave of Ali Baba

We’ve seen it in countless spy movies and now it’s finally coming to our phones. This is unlocking by voice . Google has been the first to implement it in some of its phones and it could soon reach the big market. The option, available in the Android configuration itself, is called “ Trusted voice ” and allows verifying the unlocking of a phone by means of the word. In fact, out of two: “ Ok, Google “. Like the password of the cave of Alí Babá, pronouncing this simple phrase we will be able to freely access all the functionalities of our telephone; which for many is much more than the greatest of treasures. In fact, facilitating this task of accessing the phone is being a development area for many manufacturers and recently Google has also presented a system to be able to do it automatically when we carry it in our hand, in our pocket or leave it on the table. Formulas that, even offering the user less security and protection of data than other systems do nothing more than allow much faster access to our phone and increase the already many times unnecessary queries that we make. And the thing is, we look at our mobile an average of 150 times a day ! In any case, beyond being a good marketing strategy (don’t be fooled with that either), let no one get scared when they hear the phrase “Ok, Google” in the most unlikely situations, someone he will have opened the doors of his mobile cave.

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