How to create a developer account to publish apps on Google Play

Today we’re going to tell you how to publish a step-by-step app on Google Play. If you have a perfect idea that will succeed in downloads, although you don’t need to know how to program, we extremely suggest you to learn how to publish it. We will explain how to proceed to publish the application, game or content in the official Google Play Store store so that it is available for purchase and download to the millions of Android users. Google Play offers lots of options for publishing your apps and interacting with users. It also offers a lot of freedom when it comes to promoting the application, launching beta versions or update the app.

You need a developer account

The first thing we have to do is turn our Google account into a developer account. To do this, we will access the Google Play Developer Console for the first time from his sign in page. To begin, the developer must convert his Google account into a developer account through the Google Play Developer Console, once the Google Play Developer Console is accessed, you’ll have to pay the fee that Google puts to all developers so they can include their apps in the store. To do this, you must accept the conditions of Google and click on the button shown at the bottom of “Continue to complete the payment”. Then a Google Wallet screen will open to proceed with the payment of $ 25 which is the fee that Google charges to sign up as an application developer and publish them in the store. Once you have gone through the box, you can now manage the applications from the management and information center as developers, which will allow you to add a new application, view the list of added applications, access services for Google Play Games, view the benefits reports, settings menu, announcements or alerts.

How to add a new application to Google Play

To proceed to add a new application to Google Play, click on the “Add new application” button that will open a new window to include the language and title of the application as well as the button to attach the application installation APK . After attaching the APK, which can be included in both alpha or beta test phase as in production mode, simply follow all the steps that can be seen in the menu on the left of the screen. Store Listing is where you must indicate the full description, promotion text, app icon, screenshots, category of the store where it will be included, contact details, privacy policy, etc. Pricing & Distribution will allow you to choose the countries where you want to make the application available for download and indicate if the application is to be distributed for free or for payment. Once all this information has been completed, the application can be published by changing the current Draft status. It is also recommended to read the tips to optimize the information of the app in Google Play within the tab provided by Google.

Do you want to charge a price for your app?

If you have chosen to apply for payment you have to bear in mind that to charge for products published on Google Play, the developer must have a valid Payment Account provided through an independent agreement with a Payment Processor. If the developer already has one before registering with the Google Play Store, the terms of that agreement will apply unless there is any conflict with the developer distribution agreement that Google Play has defined, in which case the terms of that agreement will apply . The developer is the official merchant of the products, which sells through Google Play and the one that will establish the price in the different currencies that he thinks fit. Depending on the price you set for your products, the amount you will receive in payment will be determined, since Google will add a Transaction Fee to the sales price of each product. Google sets this Transaction Commission at 30% of the price of the application, thus receiving 70% the developer and the remaining 30% goes to the distribution partner. Therefore, the total price to publish our app in the Google Play Store will be 25 dollars to be registered as a developer, which only has to be paid the first time and then 30% of the Total billing for the sale of the applications that are available in the store will also be for Google. As we see, it is a simple process, but it is quite important, because we must know how to choose the right images, write the perfect description and a series of things that, before our app is downloaded, will be the only thing people see and evaluate, besides the valuation of the rest of users. As a final note, simply indicate that for more information, it is best to go to the official Google documentation about it. Let's make your free app



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