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How to create an app: choose the right application name

One of the most important keys when creating a mobile application will be the image it has and the first impression that your potential users receive. Therefore, the name of the application must be one of the pillars when creating it.

In this post you can find tips to choose the name of the application you are going to create, thus achieving greater visibility within the apps market. An appropriate name will make the difference between success or failure in using it.


It may sound somewhat redundant, but the main key to choosing a name should be its exclusivity, avoiding naming it in the same way as another name already created. An example in this field may be applications that offer a very specific service, such as the recorder or flashlight.

The essential feature of our application has to be introduced in the name. One of the fastest solutions might be to use synonyms or highlight something that sets our app apart from the rest. In other words, we have to search in a few words for the best we can offer with our application.

Many times the application will be created from an existing company or business, making this step much easier and faster. Even so, being able to include a feature or keyword that can define our brand will help us better understand what we are going to offer the public.


The App Store has a maximum length when it comes to naming applications, and if we go over, they will automatically shorten it themselves. The fact that our application has a long title will make everything we want to tell potential users less visible.

Google Play: 28-30 characters.

Apple Store: Apple sets the maximum number of characters to 255, but recommends 23 or fewer characters.

Recommended would be 20 characters or less, including some essential features at the beginning. With this step, we will appear in the top positions when it comes to being searched in the application markets, increasing the downloads of our app.

Look for different variants and options before telling you for the definitive one, because in case you want to change the name again, you must wait at least 9 days to know if they approve the new name. That’s why it’s advisable to make a few twists and turns in the application markets, to be absolutely sure that we’ve made the right choice.


The name of the created app should be able to pronounce without difficulty. If in our case it is going to be an international application, we recommend that it be a language within reach of the largest percentage of the world, that is, English. Whether it is in English or another language, we will need to make sure that it does not have a different meaning than what we had in mind.

There are several name generators on the Internet, so we can continue to use other tools to improve ours. In case you don’t think of any names, as mentioned above, the ones you’ve thought of are already being used, these name generators can help you find new options for future application names.


The multitude of mobile applications that currently exist makes it indispensable to become familiar with the term ASO (App Store Optimization). It fulfills the same functions as SEO web positioning, but for the apps world. That is, so you want to better position a mobile application within an App store.

All the keys that have been described throughout the post, will have a crucial importance to improve the ASO of our app. You can also use technological tools to continue improving our positioning, such as Google AdWords, where we can see the most relevant words for users; or Sensor Tower, which allows us to know the number of downloads of the app we have, as well as the estimated revenue.

So, what will you name your App?

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