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A decorator, a photographer, a house painter or a lawyer. They are professional profiles that we are going to need on more than one occasion. But, if we don’t know anyone you can trust, who to turn to ? This is the answer that many try to answer and to which only a few are privileged to do so properly. The network is full of portals where professionals of all kinds offer their services. Known are the Nubelo , Fiverr , Freelancer and even the Infojobs category for freelancers. All of them have their pros and cons, their positive and negative experiences and the mobile App Guudjoob has been added to this special world. Like her first cousins, this App puts professionals in contact with potential clients with the sole purpose of seeking mutual satisfaction; And this is the crux of the matter. The professionals who offer their services appear based on their valuation; what your customers have done. With this, the users of this App also become prescribers of a professional. To choose the right professional, the client can consult the status of recommendations as well as the professional profile, a curriculum and the rates . Likewise, the App allows you to call the expert free of charge in order to get to know him better and evaluate his skills in person. Without a doubt, a useful tool for express hiring when we don’t know who to turn to.



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