She was the last to sign up but more will come after her. She is still in probationary period but surely she will soon disembark all over the world. It is a new option that evolves the microblogging network to turn it into a commercial network as well. And it is already possible to buy through Twitter . With the tests initiated among its American users, what has been a persistent rumor over the last few weeks is definitively confirmed. Twitter will be able to buy and discover products without leaving the timeline and directly from a tweet. To do this, they use a “buy” button that allows you to purchase the products advertised in that tweet. According to statements by the product director of Twitter, Tarun Jain, this option “request a simple way and hopefully more fun.” Although perhaps I should have said in a more compulsive way because it seems that they are going to promote this type of posts. Not surprisingly, many specialized marketing companies have begun to recruit experts in subliminal advertising and persuasion, in what is already called neuromarketing , to give a greater touch of apparent spontaneity to our act of buying. And in that Twitter, for what it already transmits as a platform and social network, has a lot to say. The fact is that with this new shopping platform promoted by Twitter, it is also intended that users can access unique offers and products , not available elsewhere. This encourages two really decisive feelings when it comes to hitting the “buy” button: exclusivity and opportunity . As we read in the digital edition of the newspaper Abc , from Twitter They ensure that the platform will be totally secure for users with perfectly encrypted payment information and delivery address to prevent data theft. Likewise, the American company informs that this information will also be stored on its servers if it is not deleted by the user himself. Which guarantees, from the outset, a very good and important database. At the moment, the tests are being carried out by a small group of users chosen in the United States, but if they are positive, their massive implementation will not take long. And here Twitter tells us:



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