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Wrapped in dates of zombies borabrainers, killer dolls, ghosts of all kinds (even those that go with a sheet), worms and rotten meat is normal that cost to fall asleep. And more if characters like Freddie Krueger return from the darkness to make us bitter at night. What better place then than, after a sleepless night , to find the best place to drop down to take a magnificent and restorative nap . But is that… … It is now possible to prepare a trip around the world focusing the main activity on precisely that, in the siesta. Two Dutch programmers have created Google Naps , the first geolocation system of points where you can take a nap. Taking advantage of the Google Maps engine, these two young people have created a website that shows us the closest places where we can have a quiet nap. Working on the Google Maps maps SDK, Google Naps is able to geographically locate different accessible points to take a nap. This is done using the geolocation system of our computer, mobile or tablet (depending on what we use to connect). In addition to telling us where to go, this platform allows us to be part of it, join a kind of social network and add places to nap so that other users can easily find new places to rest peacefully. The page is available all over the world, although in Portugal, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the US is where it has the main contribution of users. Aware of the risk they have taken with this parody, the creators of Google Naps They have posted a kind explanatory note on their portal, reminding them that this service is a joke and that they have no intention of damaging Google’s image. “Dear Sergey and Larry” -the authors of Google Naps have written on the web addressing Google executives- “this is just a parody. So please, do not take this to court, we only have a few hundred euros in the bank. We just want to put a smile on the faces of the Google fans. But every time you visit the Netherlands you can take a nap on our sofa if you want, just send us an email. We can also make coffee, cakes and eggs (for a small fee) ”. Beyond the joke, then, for all those who like to plan trips based on a specific activity, what better way to do it than thinking about the best place to nap? The only one but that this page has is that: It does not have an App! PS: Yes, we have been tempted to put a cat as a photo call (the other option was Sleeping Beauty ). Sorry, we will try not to make it happen again. : D



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