The best apps you didn’t know you needed

These days there is an ever-increasing offer of mobile apps. So it is really hard to keep up with what is on offer. We thought we would do a bit of digging to find apps that you have never heard of but are absolutely necessary. Check out our list of the best apps:


Anyone concerned about their privacy should try this app! It uses point-to-point encryption to exchange messages, send files, connect groups and make calls. Most importantly, you do not incur SMS or MMS fees because messages and calls will use the internet.

Google Trips

Every traveler needs to have this useful app. Google Trips helps you organize the essential information of your trip and even lets you consult it offline. Using your location, Google Trips searches for sites close by and displays them on a map. The map can be customized based on your interests and availability and includes important details about each attraction such as opening times, ratings, and travelersˈ comments.

Dark sky

With Dark Sky you can know exactly the weather, even if it will rain or snow up to an hour in advance, so you will be free to plan your daily activities. Available in the US, UK and Ireland, this little-known app lets you observe the progression of the storm, how it moved in previous days and where it will go. Also, you can activate notifications so that you get an alert before the rain starts wherever you are. Without even opening the application, you will always know when a storm is approaching. The best app if you want to be aware of the weather down-to-the-minute!


This social network was made for amateur and professional photographers. The applicationˈs design is very intuitive: in “Market” you can buy and sell photos, in “Bestsellers”, you can see which have been bought most, while “New Arrivals” displays the photos that were recently posted. The “Stories” tab features all your unforgettable moments through images like an interactive photo album. You can also connect with friends from Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.


On top of the usual functions offered by other media centers, Plex includes the ability to watch videos over the internet from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you have a ZIP or RAR compressed multimedia file divided into several parts, the app can identify this and run it normally. Likewise, the application can play files in other devices such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and smart TVs. You can personalize the weather and world news sections on your own which is another reason to try this app.


Nowadays to avoid identity theft you need to come up with increasingly complex passwords. Thinking of a new and original password that you will remember down the road can be a real struggle. Thanks to these useful apps those days are over! Not only do they manage passwords for all sites and apps, they also allow you to store documents or important data safely and easily. In addition to the apps for iPhone and Android, extensions are available for browsers and software for PC and MAC.


Compared to its competitor (and source of inspiration!) – Snapchat – we could say it is a little-known app but in fact, after launching in September 2015, it has been quite successful in the Asian Market. The features were clearly developed to meet the needs of its audience – one makes you look like an anime character! Snow includes considerably more filters and lenses than its rival and the best part is that it lets you download your selfies and upload them to your other social networks.

Google Now Launcher

This app modifies the original interface of your smartphone. You can customize themes, colors scrolling screens, transition effects, icons and even create shortcuts. All the changes that you apply are temporary so you can return to the original theme afterwards. The applicationˈs design is smooth and you can resize the icons and organize the app grid very easily. Another interesting feature is the landscape mode: when you rotated your phone, the home screen and app drawer do not normally rotate, but Google Now Launcher makes it possible, everything automatically adapts to your horizontal screen and applications align as they should!


It is a fitness application to track your physical training: running, walking, bicycle and more than 40 sports. Endomondo will show you the speed, duration, distance and burned calories of your workout; the app will track everything with the GPS without consuming your data plan. You can log manually your training routine indoors, though it seems conceived for the most part to track your physical activity outdoors.

These apps are totally worth to try them out, but if you have a specific idea in mind that either hasn´t been launched on the market, we can turn your dreams into apps! King of App offers a unique open source platform that allows you to develop your very own customizable application without the need for technical knowledge.

Dive into the mobile app world and unchain your creativity!



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