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Monday. Another one. A new week and a horizon, a sensation, which is repeated over and over again: everything is too far away. There is only one thing that relaxes you, that clears your mind. You need to go for a run. Yes, if you also have this healthy hobby, today we recommend 5 Apps to run away or to encourage you to be one more runner in your city. Being the first has a prize and not only in the world of running. For this reason, Nike, which apart from being one of the market leaders, has one of the most complete Apps. Nike + allows you to store all our workouts. With these data we can check from the times to the kilometers traveled each day as well as the calories burned. However, being a pioneer does not guarantee being in the majority. This honor is held by two applications alike. On the one hand Runtastic that saves everything we do in our daily workouts and also has options for the practice of others sports such as hiking or even for those who do not need to run outside the house and do it on a treadmill. The other great App for runners is RunKeeper and it has become a true pocket personal trainer for more than 25 million users (it is nothing! wrong!). This application works with the GPS of the mobile to provide runners with the typical data of distance, pace, time and calories. For those who want to turn the exercise of running into something social, there is the option to download Endomondo . This App allows, apart from collecting data on our efforts, challenge other runners and establish links with our friends on Facebook . Finally, another manufacturer of sportswear, traditionally linked to the world of athletics, Asics, has also launched its own App. It is Myasics offering specific training plans for marathon, half marathon, 5K, 10K, 10M and 5M races. Five Apps for you to become a true finisher;)



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