Andalucia is digital: “Creating mobile applications without knowing how to program is possible, do you know how?”

Creating mobile applications without having any idea of ​​programming is possible thanks to these platforms with which you can boost your business, your website, your online store or apply your mobile marketing strategy without spending a lot of money. You know how to do it? Here we give you the keys.

By now we all know what a mobile application is for our smartphone, but what would you think of being able to create your own application for your business, company or website without the need to have knowledge of programming or App development? Taking advantage of all the possibilities of mobile browsing has become an obligation for companies and for anyone who wants to have a presence on the Internet. According to the latest Eurostat study, Spaniards are the Europeans who most surf with our smartphones (almost three hours a day), which already reach almost 90% of the population with a mobile phone. Click here to see the rest of the article.



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