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In the same way that no company worth its salt should neglect its online presence or underestimate the usefulness of having its website, it is difficult to imagine a brand of a certain weight that has not developed its own mobile application. Democratization in web development has its greatest exponent in content management platforms such as WordPress, which, thanks to their modules and templates, reveal the magic of computing to people without any knowledge of programming languages. The Iberian startup King of App has set out to do the same with mobile applications.

Who are we talking about?

Xavier Barata saw the opportunity for him when he was working in an advertising agency, after listening to several clients complain about the difficulties that were presented to them in developing their own mobile application. In 2014, he launched King of App, an open source tool that allows you to build applications intuitively for 50 euros. Price, a decisive factor in solving it, is the result of a modular management system that simplifies the process of creating the application. “We develop a technology that allows reducing costs and production times”, sums up Barata. In addition to allowing it to be created from scratch, its platform allows the user to convert a website designed with WordPress into an application in a simple way. This symbiosis is especially interesting if we take into account that three out of every five web pages in the world are built with this content manager. The integration between different systems is also simplified in its platform, which allows communication between applications via API. You can read the full press release here .



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