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9 advertising networks to monetize your app

After all the work involved in developing a mobile application, every developer wonders how to
generate revenue. An excellent way to monetize your application is with ads. And of course that is not a marginal way to obtain profits from your app. According to IDC’s market analysis, next year the growth in revenue from advertising applications will be 65%.

Check out these platforms that will help you maximize gross revenue.

9 tips to maximize the income of your app

1. Google AdMob

The solution integrates features to generate revenue. Also, it analyzes user information in order to
optimize the in-app purchases.
AdMob lets you choose from three different advertising formats: interstitial, banner and video. The
platform can control ads using filters by theme, position and time of display. You can receive higher
CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) when advertisers compete. In addition, you can integrate
native ads, which provide a better visual experience.

2. Facebook Audience Network

Facebook’s ads tool for mobile apps is very similar to ads on the social network. It also is very
effective when targeting and measuring results. Native ads can be used, which, according to the
company, are up to 7 times better than the banner format.

3. DU Ad Platform

This platform helps you to monetize your app by integrating more than 50 advertising networks,
including Google AdMob and Facebook Audience Network. Thanks to this, the campaigns have a
high delivery rate, because of competition between networks. Currently, the DU Ad Platform
generates more than 150 million daily impressions for a base of 2 billion users across 200 countries.
Another advantage is that it has the smallest SDK in the market, of only 100 KB. They also offer
native ads integration.

4. Millennial Media

This platform stands out from the rest as it facilitates ways to increase engagement for mobile ads.
With Millennial Media you can create a campaign that allows advertisers to compete for their
inventory within categories such as: date range, segmentation, stimulation, prices, etc.
You will also be able to show ads from other ad networks such as AdMob and even allocate traffic
across networks by percentage, placement, and eCPM based advertising revenue.

5. Adfonic

Adfonic allows advertisers to bid on ad serving spaces on mobile sites and applications. Some
advantages of this strategy are: expand advertisers scope, generate better results and enable
advertisers to maximize the revenue potential of their mobile traffic.

They also promise 95% average fill rates on both iOS and Android, and even up to 10x higher eCPMs
with rich media advertisement.
Adfonic runs campaigns for customers like Samsung, eBay, McDonalds, Groupon and Google. The
Adfonic network generate over 20 billion ad requests per month.

6. Chartboost

Chartboost is the solution for game developers. The company is based in San Francisco and is one of
the most popular monetization platforms. Its claim to fame is a simple interface and complete user
control, so game publishers can choose which precise ads appear in their mobile games. The custom
analytics tool also allows publishers to see which ads are profitable so they can maximize ad
The ads are usually about downloading another game and the audience is already playing games so
your revenue is more likely to increase if you have a game app.

7. MobFox

Mobfox is one of the largest mobile monetization platforms in the world, with more than 25,000
publishers in Android and iOS. The SDK combines more than 30 ad networks on a single platform,
giving publishers access to a huge number of advertisers. It is easy to use and its analytical tool is
considered one of the best in the market these days.
One fact to get a clearer idea about MobFox is that over 10,000 publishers have been using and the
company has helped them gain up to 300% more revenue from their mobile apps.
In addition, you control the ads shown in your mobile and can set minimum CPC/CPM floor limits at
the desired price.

8. Mopub

Mopub is a Twitter subsidiary since 2013 and became famous for hosting one of the world’s largest
real-time bidding scholarships for mobile ads. The Mopub Marketplace features over 100 demand
side providers representing thousands of companies. With full transparency, publishers can
successfully choose which ads appear in their apps.
An advantage on this platform is its advertisement format, they offer several options like static
images, HTML5 Ads, Banner, Landing Ads, Expand Ads, Interstitial Ads, Video and ORMMArich Media

9. RevMob

RevMob supports nine platform options including Android, iOS, Unity 3D, Corona, Adobe AIR,
PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium and Shiva 3D. Currently, it has over 5,000 published apps
registered worldwide.
The average cost per thousand impressions is around $ 38 targeting users across the US and using an
iPad. RevMob offers the highest eCPM for game publishers. Another benefit is its “Advanced Campaign Targeting Algorithm”, which allows user-oriented ads based on information from usersˈphones.



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