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7 mobile marketing statistics to help you with your strategy for 2018

In 2017, the mobile market was consolidated and challenged many companies to rethink their mobile marketing strategies in a world with an increasing number of web applications . In 2018, this market will mature even more and will open up to new mobile marketing opportunities .

1. Check your design

57% of Internet users would not recommend a company that has a poorly designed or unresponsive website . The focus in web design should be on the user experience, that is, what it feels like to use the web. Also, a good user experience will mean a higher ROI . Another mobile marketing statistic says that tablets represent the device with the highest rate (8.58%) of adding products to the shopping cart in online stores . If you are an online retailer, or one of your clients is, you should be aware of the design of your website and its user experience from tablets . Are your ads and CTAs good? How is your app positioning itself in the app markets? What can you do to get the user to enter and stay in your conversion funnels? Think about all this and check your ads on each platform for titles, descriptions, images, prices … Basically, respects the official characteristics of each marketplace and works to improve them.

2. Design valuable content

48% of smartphone users start their purchase process in an online search engine . For this reason, it is essential to offer them valuable content that will help you attract your ideal buyer persona to your website. It is important that you empathize and put yourself in the shoes of your buyer persona to discover how to better define your marketing strategy for your app and how that buyer persona will interact with your content. Create content that answers all the questions your potential user might ask themselves about your products and make sure it’s easy to find the answers without having to go to your competitors’ websites.

3. Design the best experience in your app

Smartphone users spend almost 90% of the time they consume in front of their mobiles using apps; the other 10% on webs . Although your target audience may prefer to research products and services on the web, most prefer to consume content through apps. Therefore, give your user the best possible experience , and offer the same quality on your website as on your app. If you want, you can start building your own app now .

4. Adapt your communications to the mobile format

The current user performs his searches from different devices during his purchase cycle . You can use a combination of computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to discover, research, and buy products. This means that in each interaction, no matter from which device it is made, the experience must be optimized for screen size, device, performance and context . According to the following statistics, when companies optimize their content for mobile devices, 52% choose to use responsive design for each device and 39% create a responsive email template. Adapting emails to mobile devices is the minimum effort you should make to get more leads and improve your conversion rate .

5. Optimize your website for mobile devices

Google points out that 61% of its mobile users would not return to a website that they could not see correctly, 40% of them would prefer to visit another website instead. It also says that a website can be mobile-friendly in 3 ways: with responsive design, with dynamic publication and with a specific mobile website. Despite this, responsive design is the preferred alternative for Google . As the number of people searching from mobile devices increases, so does the number of people searching your website from smartphones. If your website does not work well from mobile or tablet, it is likely that many will abandon it. One way to avoid this is to compress all the images, as this will reduce the loading time.

6. Email open rates

In the last 3 years, email open rates from smartphones have increased by 180% . If your subscribers don’t read yours newsletters, perhaps you should first check the quality of your database and clean up. Also, try to separate your contacts according to the type of communication they receive. Call to action (or call to action)! When you create an email with a question in the title, you are persuading readers to open it to find out the answer. Test with 2 or 3 variations on the subject and once you have sent them, check which one has the highest open and click rate, and send it to the rest of your subscriber list. Finally, beware of sending emails every day and at inappropriate times, as they could cause them to be unread or even to end up being marked as spam. All these factors prove that the open rate is very important. For this year, experts assure that up to 80% of email users will only access their messages through smartphones .

7. Use videos in your mobile marketing

48% of millennials only watch videos from their mobile devices . This marketing statistic suggests that a good strategy should use this medium to deliver profit rather than push your consumers to consume your product or service in an invasive, boring, or out of context. Using videos in your mobile marketing strategy is essential, and it is also increasingly popular. You will gain more credibility among your users and your message will be more shared. Take advantage of these statistics that we have just told you to redefine and propose a successful mobile marketing strategy. What are you waiting for to start!



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