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5 mobile marketing strategies that are booming

As you may already imagine, the success of an application depends on several factors, and luck is not one of them. Without a good marketing strategy, it is very unlikely that a product will become a success. Here are some mobile marketing strategies that are booming today, get the best out of them for your app stand out.

Mobile marketing strategies to reach a larger number of users

Push notifications

Notifications can be used for a wide variety of reasons for you and your users. Alerts can be programmed when your user does not frequently open your app or to announce a new feature. This is a great way to ensure the retention of anyone who downloads your application.

Notifications not only help increase the retention, they are also important to ensure interaction with the user. Use them to send tips and messages using a language that really connects with your audience.

In addition, alerts are very useful for companies, which seek to promote products and services. Send notifications about promotions and news. You can also invite the user to know the paid version of your app or to explore features other than the basic ones.

Best of all, only the users who activate notifications will receive them. That is, there is no risk that the messages will bother the user because he has chosen to receive them.

Beacon/Location based services

Location-based marketing services are already used by 30% of the world’s population. These digital tools generate a deep set of analytical data. Geotargeting strategy basically refers to the delivering of content to the user based on his location. The content can be anything like an advertisement or even of the result of an organic search.

Many companies provide such services, such as Inlocomedia, which emerged as a college project in 2011 and by 2015 was already among the 10 most promising startups in the advertising market. The company works with geolocalized ads, so that they can reach the right audience for any content.

Along with this you can send some other incentive, such as a discount coupon, increasing the likelihood of purchase. If you have an app for your brand, be sure to offer more attractive deals when someone is around your establishment.

Vertical video

Virtual reality and 360 degrees videos are increasingly being used as an efficient alternative to marketing products and services in an innovative way and creating a unique customer experience. Many of these campaigns are viewed by consumers through smartphones, making the companies adapt to the mobile standards.

n this context, vertical video stands out in the advertising market, not only because it is easier to see on mobile devices, but also because of the continuous growth of social networks that promote ads in this format through 3V (Vertical video views).

According to data from a recent company study, vertical video has an ad recall 2.9 times higher than those made for TV. In addition, consumers exposed to this format are 39% more susceptible to have a favorable opinion of the advertised brand.

Consumers are already getting used to this new model, but for companies the production of these videos is not so simple, as it requires specific investments and shooting resources. The videos have gained a lot of space on the internet for being simpler to share and catching more attention.

Big Data

Big Data is becoming increasingly important for the planning and definition of digital marketing strategies.

Tracking user activities within apps is essential to understand their behavior, because it helps you take critical business decisions. More apps will be inclined to use big data integration for detailed analysis of user data.

In a global scenario, Big Data can also help with Healthcare analytics. It has the potential to reduce costs of treatment, predict outbreaks of epidemics or avoid preventable diseases. Wearables can collect patients’ health data and send it to the cloud. Patients can share this data with their doctors. This information can be accessed to find out about the state of health of the public, which allow doctors to compare this data in socioeconomic context and modify healthcare delivery strategies accordingly.

Voice search

About 20% of searches performed on Google through mobile applications are done by voice. This trend was born in 2016 and has grown considerably throughout the year 2017.

You should not optimize your site just for Google, but for the customer. With more and more purchases being made via smartphones and tablets, having a website that does not work properly on those devices represents lost sales.

There is a prediction that the search engines will prefer to search through the voice command. As a result, marketers will need to adapt to this with the development of effective tools to capture the exact content of what has been said.


As you can see, carrying out a good mobile marketing strategy is essential for your company to succeed. Take into account these aspects before creating your application and you will notice a growth in your sales.



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