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3 YouTube Channels to learn Android programming from scratch

On YouTube you can find tutorials of anything, due to the current mass of youtubers in search of visits. In the channels of this platform, it is possible to learn Android programming from scratch, without any previous experience in the world of development. If you are already a programmer and you are considering making a living developing Android applications, you will agree that a highly recommended approach to take is the creation of mobile applications. It is what is increasingly taking center stage, with more and more people buying more powerful mobile phones and larger screens.
The programming of an Android application has become a trend nowadays. This operating system is easy to use and with few efforts, the development of the apps becomes very simple. There are many sources available on the Internet, but to really learn to develop, the tutorial videos are the best alternatives. Instead of subscribing to premium online or brick-and-mortar schools, YouTube Channels will help you to learn how to develop Android applications. The best ones have been selected, and in them you will find the most outstanding tutorials with which it is possible to immerse yourself in the world of programming. Next, you will be shown what, in our opinion, we think the best YouTube channels to learn to program. checklist, top, steps, create, app

What you need to know before learning Android programming from scratch

Before you begin to develop an Android app, you need to know a programming language compatible with Android SDK, a software development kit with many useful tools to help you build an Android application smoothly. The Android SDK is necessary to the developer make the app run in any Android handset and access every feature in the operative system. Also, the Android SDK provides an emulator to test your apps. The easyest way to get the Android SDK is to download Android Studio, Google’s IDE to develop Android apps. Nevertheless, it is possible to download the SDK independently to use with your favorite IDE. If it is necessary, you might need to learn a programming language compatible with the Android SDK. The most used languages are Java, Kotlin (a Java-like programming language created by JetBrains) and C/C++/C#. Most Android apps are developed with Java. The YouTube channels you will find below offer video tutorials on these programming languages.

YouTube channels to learn Android programming from scratch

1. The New Boston

The New Boston is a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers. Its success is due to the fact that it offers programming tutorials in general, from Java to C++ and all of them at an unbeatable level. This channel offers tutorials of any type of programming language from scratch. Currently The New Boston has published more than 4000 videos where beginners and experienced programmers can learn effectively. Its videos also offer content about networks and operating systems. Discover the playlist on Java, an authentic delight that will reveal all the secrets about this programming language.

2. Android development for beginners, by Derek Banas

Derek Banas is one of the most popular youtubers for learning Android application programming and any other programming language. It has the playlist of 25 videos and those are more than enough to explain you since the installation of the necessary programs for you to develop an interesting Android application. Each video is well explained with examples and you will surely benefit from it. Derek Banas is an old-school programmer, offering tutorials of multiple programming languages ​​in his videos: C, Java and some other standard programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Python and so forth. Currently the channel has more than 300,000 subscribers, a notable amount for a youtuber that tries to instill a love for programming.

3. Android Developers

Android Developers is Google’s own YouTube channel to help programmers to develop Android apps. Some of the videos are also available in English, Portuguese and Japanese. This is the perfect YouTube channel to develop Android applications whether you are an expert or a novice. I hope I have helped you to introduce you to the world of programming and start creating an application. Now you just have to know how to get a greater number of downloads with your app and retain your users. checklist, top, steps, create, app



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