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10 original apps that you must have on your mobile

Lovers of technology and creativity have to be grateful for living today. Hundreds of original apps appear on the market every day to make life easier and, of course, more fun.

The possibilities to create that the digital world gives us are endless:

Within the world of apps, we can find several themes. Whether they are apps for business, personal or for events, each one of them has a specific function or they are directed to a specific audience. We have to stay curious. Keep your eyes wide open to be able to know all the applications that, in one way or another, are useful to us. Knowing the varied world of applications can give us many ideas for when we want to create our own. original apps

These are some of the original, interesting or different apps that have caught our attention:

We start with our favorite applications for photo editing. In addition to the typical filters to beautify our photographs, there are many original apps with functionalities that delight lovers of this art.

1. Enlight, retouch photos like a pro

First of all we have this app. It is a very complete photo editor that allows you to improve and adjust all possible parameters. Whether you are just starting out in the world of publishing or are already an advanced user, this app opens up a great world of creation and editing possibilities.

2. Prisma, the photo editor you need

On the other hand, if you’ve always had an artistic side, your app is Prisma . This application allows us to apply filters to our photographs to turn them into true works of art. With very varied styles, from Picasso to Van Gogh, through Munch and Kandinsky. We can use the more than 30 filters very easily and share our creations on social networks.

3. Pantone Studio, the color library

The king of colors par excellence was taking time to delight us with an application designed for lovers of design and creativity. Are you one of those who think that there are only 10 colors? With Pantone Studio you can hunt the colors of photographs, digital images or investigate within your guide all the variations and references that exist. In addition, it includes other content and tools such as additional libraries or visual creator profiles.

4. YouCam Makeup, the “makeup” for photos

The perfect app to try on makeup has arrived. Choose from all the options that YouCam Makeup offers you: lipstick, eye mask, as well as the color; hair … Try and discover new ways to do your makeup without spending money.

5. SleepCycle, learn to control your sleep

Leaving the world of design, SleepCycle is an app that is very interesting. Sleeping well is very important to be able to perform at your best. This app is based on sleep measurement. Thanks to the accelerometer and the microphone of our mobile, we can analyze our sleep and, in addition, the app wakes us up when we are in the lightest sleep phase.

6. NYT VR, the virtual reality of the New York Times

And, as one of the most interesting applications within the world of media, we find NYT VR. This application received the Google Play Award in 2016 for the most innovative app. It is an application from The New York Times that allows users to access the news through virtual reality. To do this, it is necessary to use glasses such as the Google Cardboard along with our phone. In this way, The New York Times takes us to the center of stories and news from a different perspective. In addition to the above, we have also been struck by other (more extravagant) applications that we have found in the blog of Master in Apps. Some of the most notable are Melon Meter and Run Pee , among others.

7. Melon Meter, say no to green melon

It is an app that helps you know if the melon or watermelon you want to buy is of quality.

8. Run Pee, or know when to stop a movie

And, meanwhile, Run Pee tells you the best time to go to the bathroom when you’re watching a movie.

9. Cyber ​​Tuner, tune your piano from your mobile

Reyburn Cybertuner is a software for piano tuning, with more than 20 years of experience, that has this technology in an app with a fairly high cost (almost 1,000 euros), but if you have a piano or know someone who does Bear in mind, it is quite an interesting investment. Find out what other expensive apps are on the market here .

10. MyScript Calculator, “draws” the math

Do you remember when we were little and we wanted a machine to do our homework for us? Well, a little later than we would like, it has arrived. The app works as follows: you can create any mathematical operation; meanwhile, the app will analyze the drawing, giving you a final result. As we can see there are original apps for all tastes and needs. This is only a small part of the world of apps that we can find in the markets. Surely there are many that we still do not know and others that will appear. Every day more companies and individuals create applications for their projects. Simply by taking a look at Google Play or Apple Store , we can get an idea of ​​the varied and multiple options we have when creating our own application. King of App brings you closer to this world in a simple way through modules, templates and services . Because creating an app does not have to be complicated and it is a sector that continues to grow every day .  Create your own app



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