Tutorial: How does the builder work?

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The builder is the fundamental part of an App and we want you to understand this process easily. So today we will talk about the builder, the section in which you configure the functionalities of your application.


After choosing the template for your App, the moment of truth comes. This is when you must provide content. To do this you must use our modules market where you’ll find all the features and the option of adding submenus to the main menu; you will be able to create categories with related content. But lets go one step at a time.

The first thing you find when you get to the builder is the preview of your app on the right side, and the configuration zone on the left one. On this one you will find the main menu, loaded by default, on which you will work to add functionality modules. By clicking on “add module” it will open our market. This is where you can choose from over 20 different content options for your App.


For instance, imagine you want users to send you emails. Then you will choose the “contact” form and it will automatically be placed in first position. If you click on edit you can configure it with the necessary data to work. If you want to add other module, you will have to repeat the operation.

What if you want to add a submenu, for example, “social”, including your network profiles? It is very simple, you just have to click on “add menu”. Now you can charge a submenu and name it as you like and it will always be subordinated to the main menu. In this scenario we will name it “Social”. The option “add module” will appear just below the menu. When selected it opens again the marketplace so you can add Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. And so on until you have your App fully configured with all the features you need. Ah yes, you can create as many submenus as you like.


And now it comes the best. Do not worry about the order of things! You can organize each element as you want to. We’ve implemented a “drag & drop” system that lets you freely move each element. Simply move the cursor over the item you want to move and… magic! It does move!

Another great innovation of our builder is that you can see in real time every one of the amendments that you are giving to your App. You won’t need to refresh the website to see the updates!

As you can see all operation are quite simple, so take your time to experiment and create your App freely. The Kingdom is in your hands!

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