Transfer your app from other platform to King of App

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Many times we find that we want to migrate the applications that are already in the market and have been created from another platform to the King of App ecosystem.

First we must create the app of 0, within the KOA builder since the other closed platforms are not compatible with our ecosystem. And then to be able to publish them both on Google and Apple, keeping followers and analytics.

It is necessary to meet the following requirements:

General requirements (for both Android and iOS):

– Have an account on our platform
– Have an app created in our builder.

– Fill in the data requested by the platform (descriptions, images, etc …)

– Replace the identifier generated by the identifier of your app.

– Upload the version of the app until you reach a higher version than the one present in the market place.

– Having completed the payment process for this service (€ 50 / year)


It is necessary to complete the form that appears in:

builder.kingofapp -> Publication -> Android:

You will also need to provide the signature file of your app with all its metadata:
– Key store password

– Key alias

– Key password

* If you do not have this information, it will be absolutely impossible to update your application.

It is necessary to fill in the form that appears in:

builder.kingofapp -> Publication -> iOS:

Your apple developer account only supports up to 3 distribution certificates. Our system needs to create one of them to function properly.

If you have 3 certificates in your account and you cannot refuse any of them. You must contact us to perform a manual import of one of your certificates.

You will need to have a file in .p12 format resulting from exporting the certificate and the private key of your certificate from keychain (keychain mac).
To obtain this file you must request it from the developer who published your app and have access to the computer (mac) from which it was created.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to open a ticket and we will help you.