Let's meet at the Mobile World Congress' 4YFN

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Once again, King of App will be present at the largest gathering of mobile technology. For the second consecutive year, we will participate in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

4yfn ExhibitorsThanks to ICEX, King of App will have its own space within the 4YFN (Four years from now), the space for startups with the greatest growth potential in the sector. Located at the fairgrounds of Plaza Spain in Barcelona, ​​we will introduce the world our new developments with the recent release of version 2.0 of our platform.

From 22 to 25 February we will expose to the mobile world our project to be the first CMS Open Source for creating cross-platform Apps. So we’ve launched our version 2.0 with significant new features compared to the first version already presented precisely during last year’s Mobile World Congress.

During this time, the entrails of King of App have lived a real earthquake. Beyond adapt the design of the platform to the new features, we have taken a turn to the core technology to make our platform accessible to any programmer. A transformation that has received high praise from our potential customers.

Open Source model

We committed to being an open source platform where everyone can collaborate. We give access to the code, to all documentation, for designers and developers to create and modify the elements until getting the desired App in the shortest possible time and at a cost that everyone can afford. Therefore we opted for development in common languages ​​in the Web industry –HTML, CSS and javascript-, all adaptable to the Mobile technology.

But we not only allow developing modules, templates or services. King of App is both a marketplace where everyone who wants can generate their own income. We want the community of King of App to be also a participant of the success of our project. Each and every one of the external developments can be uploaded to our markets, exclusively licensed for each developer, so that it takes part of the sales of your product. King of App is not only a platform for creating applications, it is also a sub-market, a future project for developers.

All this and more is what you will find in a few days in Barcelona. We encourage you to visit us and have a chat at our booth in the 4YFN.

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