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“We have a lot to talk about this morning”. That’s how Tim Cook started one of the key dates of the year, the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). Throughout the week, Apple presents the changes that will happen during their next course, including the latest of iOS 11.

Although in principle it is an event for developers, this date is becoming more general every year and people are starting to introduce their new devices. Between the latest additions that could be seen during the day on Monday, the advancements from MacBook stood out, a new speaker that “fights” against Google and Amazon, the new iOS 11 and the change of the AppStore.

All of the new iOS 11 features

Third time’s a charm, and the wait was worth it to see the new iOS 11, one of the most important releases presented by Apple on their first day. Craig Federighi, vice president of software, centered his advancements around Siri, Apple iPhone’s personal assistant, integrated, in beta phase, translation, being able to say “Siri, ask me for the account” in Chinese, for example.

Another feature highly acclaimed by the attendees was the payments between people from Apple Pay. You can split the bill from a dinner with a friend by sending a text message and verifying with a fingerprint. It is said that the payment app will be integrated with the messaging service, which will also contain new features, such as having a redesigned application drawer to make it easier to use.

The camera will also be better thanks to the new version of iOS, with new professional filters, as well as incorporating state-of-the-art compression technology, where the photos, without losing quality, will occupy half of the space. These are some of the most outstanding advancements of iOS, although there were many more:

  • One hand mode on the keyboard: Are you the type of person that types with one hand? Having a coffee and trying to write with the other? Now with the iOS system update, the text will scroll to the side of the screen to make life easier.
  • QR support on the camera: You will no longer need an external app to scan QR codes, but you can do it directly from your camera
  • Screen recording: Just like the previous case, you will not need to download another complementary application or connect your device to your computer to be able to record the screen of your iPad or iPhone.
  • Elimination of apps you don’t use: Manually adjusted from the settings, we have the possibility that iOS will automatically eliminate apps that you haven’t used for a long time. The app will eliminate itself in order to free up space, but the data will be kept.
  • ”Do not Disturb” function when you drive: By activating this function, you will block the entry of messages and notifications in order to be focused on the road. Also, whenever we enter the car, the function will be activated, based on the speed we are moving for example.

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Other products presented at the WWDC

It was a secret, but I want you to know about Apple’s smart speaker, HomePod. It will be brought to stores in December, but only in the United States. It will cost $349, and will be similar to those of Google and Amazon, with special emphasis on sound quality. It will be able to isolate sounds and frequencies depending on the type of room we are in, the proximity of the walls, etc.

Inside will be Siri, who will respond to specific questions that we will ask, such as “who is the bass player in this song?”. In turn, it can become your personal assistant, controlling the elements connected to your house (blinds, temperature, lights,…) and is compatible with HomeKit.

This was not the only device introduced by Apple, they also brought out the new iPads and iMac. First, was the presentation of the iPad Pro, available in two sizes (12’9 and 10’5 inches), and with the A10 Fusion processor, with 6 cores. The new iPads will go on sale this week for $649 for the 10.5 inch tablet, while the tablet of 13 inches will be priced at $799.

The other device presented was the iMac Pro, which will have many improvements compared to the previous one and is rumored to be around $4,999. Some of its features are that it has 128GB of RAM, an 18-core processor and up to 4TB of SSD.

The App Store also will also go under changes (at last). The apple store has hardly undergone changes in the last 10 years since the arrival of iOS 7 and iOS 8. “We want to recover the magic of discovering what’s new,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing. With this change, the AppStore will have three tabs: Today, Games and Applications.

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