(How to) Customize the look of your App

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Apps are not only content but also image. Our templates are designed to ensure maximum usability, that is, to give the user a great browsing experience. Obviously there are variations on them and as each client is different, we designed a simple way to change their look and adapt them whenever you need.

Soon you will be able to access the templates source code so you can vary any element. Currently customization options are focused on typography and colors; and the option to include a logo, background, splash and own icon.

Once the template has been selected, the editor of the App will take you to the section of customization. The first thing you will see is the section where you can upload pictures for your app; that will make it different and recognizable in the markets: the logo and icon button. It is very important designing original features and following some considerations such as simplicity and easily recognition.

Along with these two files, you must upload a background image for your app and the Splash Image, this is the image that the content of your app will appear while charging.

The next element of customizing the look and image of you App is typography. You can choose from any of the available Google Fonts. All you have to do is enterint the URL of the font you like and it will be automatically applied to all text in your App. We really thought this was the easiest way to do it, what do you think?

And finally, it’s time to give even more personality to the App you are creating. The third tab is what allows a template to be completely different from the other. You can start playing with the visual aspect of the application: the colors. Each of the components of a template has a color assigned. Change them and turn them into something truly original.

If you want to play with family colors, websites as Web Colour Data or Adobe Colours CC can help you on creating additional combinations to make your application particularly attractive and color harmonious.

Three simple steps that will turn your App into something personal and unique, different from the others. Find out more tricks, every day, on our blog.