(How To) Configure Maps Module

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Google‘s usefulness go far beyond search and advertising. One of the applications that has saved our lives many times is referred to maps. Adding a location to an App is the easiest way to tell all users where we are and how to find us. That is why King of App has developed the “Maps” module; so no one gets lost anymore. But how should we configure it? You will find the answers along the following lines.

The maps module, as the others, is available in our market (and it is for free!). You just have to select it and add it to the editor of the App. Along with other modules, the configuration is simple because there are only three fields to fill. Naturally, we can rename the module so the user finds it more descriptive.

The two main fields to be filled are those corresponding to the longitude and latitude of the point which should be marked on the map. For example, if we want to indicate where the White House is located, because your App is for the President of the United States of America, the information would be:

  • Latitude: 38.8976763
  • Longitude: -77.0387185

How did we know that? Quite simply, once again Google gives us the answer to any of our concerns.

A good way to find this information is directly from the Google Maps page. If you look at the URL address that we have sought (The White House) we can find in it the two variables we need:


Maps Module

Easy, right?

The third field to configure maps module is Zoom. Here you must enter a numeric value between 1 and 20, so that the image gets much closer to the selected point.

Just these three small fields to get full functionality.