(How to) Create an App in less than 10 minutes

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It seems impossible, but it is not. A mobile application can be done in less than ten minutes. Thanks to our modular system, the first CMS Open Source for creating cross-platform mobile applications, we have managed to minimize development time facilitating the process to the limit.

To prove it we have prepared two videos that you can watch here or on our Youtube channel. In them you will see how we created the unofficial App of the accelerator 500 Startups. In less than ten minutes we created an application with all the contents needed to be perfectly updated to one of the incubators of the world’s leading companies.

With this short and simple tutorial you will see how our builder works and how easy it is to create any type of application using our modular system. From the template market to the service market going through specific features of the App.


This other video is the same as the other but faster… Do not get dizzy! 😉

Be driven and create your App on kingofapp.es

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