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Youtubers of the world, let’s get united in one App! The power of video has also reached King of App and therefore we have developed two modules linked to the main broadcasting social network. With one of them you can show all videos from a channel; on the other one, there will only be available a single video to users of the application.

The simplest one is the “Youtube Video” module. With it you will upload videos one by one. To set it up you just need the ID of the video you want to upload. To locate it you just have to look at the url and copy the code that comes at the end of it. For example, if we take one of our videos posted on YouTube, the url is this:


They all follow the same pattern, so just look at the highlighted area to locate the ID for the module configuration.

Página principal - Ki_ - https___console.developers.google.com_home_dashboard

If you prefer to upload a whole gallery of videos, “Youtube Gallery” is the most suitable module for you. The configuration process is longer, but not complex at all.

To configure this module we ask for two different credentials. On one hand the channel identifier. This is on the Youtube URL. In our case, the channel URL is the following one:


The only thing that should go in the “ChannelID” field is the highlighted part.

Biblioteca de APIs - Ki_ - https___console.developers.google.com_apis_library

To get the Access Token, we go to the developers Google console.  On their home page you will see the option “Enable and manage APIs” That’s where you must go. On the right side of the screen it will show the specific YouTube options. Select “YouTube Data API” and create the “Access Token” at the “credentials” part on the left menu of the page.


A few simple steps to upload all your YouTube videos to your App. Remember that this module and its configuration only works for channels and not for users. You will distinguish them for their url credentials by “channel” or “user”.

Two different but complementary modules that will give your app an unique and original content so hurry up to try everything YouTube can offer to your application.

Find out all functionalities and modules at Kingofapp.es and create your first application. It has never been so easy!








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